How I Prep a Set of Binder Samples for Shipping with a Touch of OCD.

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This will probably only be interesting to a very few people… if any at all, but that’s okay. I have had a few people ask me how I keep track of all the little samples to make sure I send out a full set without missing any of them so I figured I’d document my process.

In March 2012 I started making what consultants call “Binder Samples” (mini-sized scent samples) for a soy candle company that I’ve been a consultant with since July 2010 called SoyL Scents. The Binder Samples are thin little fragrance samples that are super portable. Because they’re compact the entire set fits in a ziplock sandwich bag which can then be tucked in a purse, diaper bag, laptop bag, office drawer, college locker or wherever else a consultant might want to have quick access to their fragrances! We call them “Binder Samples” because many consultants use sticky back velcro to attach them to the pages of a 3-Ring Binder to make a kind of “sniff-able catalog” to show potential customers.

Anyways, I have a wall full of containers to hold all the samples once they’re made. We currently have 70 fragrances available.Wall of Wax | Fairy Busy Mommy

When a consultant orders a set of Scent Samples I grab an empty bin and (in alphabetical order because I’m weird like that) pull one of each fragrance from the wall and stick it in the bin.Bin of Binder Samples | Fairy Busy Mommy

Once I’ve got all 70 fragrances gathered, I open up every single container and make sure everything is okay inside… smells good… my kid didn’t stick a finger in the wax… I didn’t close my hair in the lid… it’s labeled properly… you know, a good old fashioned Quality Control Check.
Then I double check that I really did get one of everything and line them up in alphabetical order.Alphabetized Binder Samples | Fairy Busy Mommy

Like I said above there are a total of 70 fragrances. Thanks to my OCD and paranoia about ever sending someone a set with samples missing, this is what I do for the Scent Check Line Up:
First, I pull the 8 Spa Therapy & 6 Elementals fragrances out of the pile and alphabetize them into their appropriate categories. (These are fragrances that are only available in their specific candle lines). Then I find the 1 Purrs ‘n Paws fragrance (an exclusive scent that comes with a charm for your pet!) and stick it to the side with the Elementals & Spa Therapy lines.  Then, I alphabetize the remaining 55 fragrances (or “regular” scents, that are available in multiple candle lines).
So… 5 rows of 11 regular scents equals 55 plus 8 Spa Therapy plus 6 Elemental plus 1 Purrs ‘n Paws equals a total of 70 scents.  Once they’re all laid out as pictured above I count them all once more and go through them fragrance by fragrance just to make sure I still know my alphabet… then I do it again. (There’s that OCD and paranoia kicking in again!)
Once I’m satisfied that I can sing my ABC’s to the SoyL Scents fragrance tune that I have embedded into my head over the past 2 years, I stack up the samples in groups of 4…. in alphabetical order of course.
Stacked Binder Samples | Fairy Busy Mommy

Okay so there’s 16 stacks of 4 scents which equals 64 plus 2 stacks of 3 scents (the Elementals of course) for a total of 70 scents.. okay got everything! phew!
Now for the packing! I send my sets in ziplock sandwich bags just to show how easy they are to carry around with you. I am sure most people don’t put them in the bag the same way I do though. You see, you have to take each little stack of 4 and slide it in just right so that all the little lid openings are pointing the same direction (it works best with the little lid flaps pointing at the corner of the baggie) so that everything fits all nice and pretty-like.Bagging Binder Samples | Fairy Busy MommySo now I’ve got 16 stacks of 4 samples in the bag… so there’s um…. 1,2,3… 64 in there… and 2 stacks of 3 outside the bag, which is 6 left over carry the 1.. no, it’s already in the bag with the 3 regular fragrances that needed a stack buddy because there’s an odd number…. . So… if I put those extra 2 stacks of 3 in the bag, there’s my 70! woot! Still good!! Let’s finish this up!All Packed Up | Fairy Busy Mommy

The last 6 scents fit really nicely in a pretty little triangle pattern on top 🙂 It’s like the cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae… Okay well… maybe not… but it’s my baggie and I’ll decorate how I want to… when you get your baggie you can do what you want with it, I won’t pick on your for it… and…. and… and THAT, my friends, is how I know for sure that I have one of every scent packed into every SoyL Scents Binder Sample Set shipment.
Ready To Ship | Fairy Busy MommyNow excuse me while I make the trek to my middle of nowhere mailbox before the mail lady gets here for the daily pickup!! I’ll be back in 15 minutes… and then I’ll count all the remaining samples in the bins just to make sure I don’t have any extras.

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