Fairy’s Log 2016: Week 1

Fairy’s Log 2016: Week 1 – The weekly ramblings of A Fairy Busy Mommy

Friday, January 1st, 2016
3:12 pm – I haz gud nurses. They stole my couch spot and my blankie though so I might have to call the supervisor… Oh wait… That’s me and I stayed home sick… Guess I’m outta luck! Lol
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Cat Nurses

3:20 pm – 2015 started out okay, then got really scary for a few months and then it leapt into a bunch of amazing things that I never would have dreamed of.
Despite starting the year off sick…. My resolution for 2016 is to do and be even better than last year.
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4:16 pm – Every New Year everyone always posts about how glad they are to see the last year go… Y’all DO know that means you’re just getting older right? LOL
Doesn’t anyone ever wish they could hang on to a year instead of kicking it out the door?

5:20 pm –

Kinetic Sand is COOL. And I sound high and spaced out in this. LOLGo sick me!! Hahaha

Posted by Deni Cooper on Friday, January 1, 2016

8:43 pm – Starting to see fireworks behind my right eye again, so I’m going to get this kid to bed and get myself to bed before I can’t make it on my own again. At least today the head pain was mostly non-existent so I can’t complain! Maybe tomorrow I can get some work done instead of just playing with cool flowy green sand hehehe
Night y’all!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
8:20 am – Muahahahahaha! My plan to take over the world is slowly coming together… 150+ people were bored enough to watch me play with green sand and listen to me babble about it…. The rest should be easy! Muahahahahahaha!

10:04 am – Grrr! Went outside to feed Monster and Ninja bolted out the door and chased him away!
Having to chase down an overly curious high-speed kitten in freezing cold weather when you barely have the strength to stand really sucks. Bad kitty!

3:06 pm – The poor dears got all tuckered out scattering my stuff for me. Even Mama #CaliOfPurrwood took part in the festivities! Aren’t they cute? /headsmack
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Sleepy Cat Pile

3:27 pm – #TabbyOfPurrwood is sorry for the mess her mama and brothers made.
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Messy Brother Cats

4:27 pm – OMG… Moya, our female Great Pyrenees, is squeezing her way through the hatch on the hen house and coming out with rats.
WTH? ( and… hey barn cats… what have you been doing all this time? lol)

7:18 pm – How many players in ball games? I’ve got enough black and orange cats to make 2 teams of 5…..

7:52 pm – Yep… Definitely still sick. I want a Coke… At 8:00 pm… Wth?
Dear sick body… You have no idea what you’re doing… Shut up and go to bed.

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016
3:30 pm – Got to take a nap while Aaron took the kiddo outside to try to ride his bicycle. Had a weird dream about exploring the woods across the street from my parents house when I was a kid. Turns out Aaron and the kiddo were not actually riding the bike.. they were exploring OUR woods the whole time. Weird.

4:06 pm – 214 people have watched me babble and play with green sand… y’all must be REALLY REALLY bored. 😉

5:34 pm – Kitty nurses and pjs. Just need some cocoa and a box of tissue, some QUIET, a good book and I’ll be set for the evening.Kitty Nurses

7:00 pm – That moment when the grown ups are sooooooo exhausted that they set all the clocks forward to make the kid think it really IS bedtime….

Monday, January 4th, 2016
10:07 am – Kiddo likes to play restaurant/chef … pretty much always… and is always “cooking” something with whatever toys he has, be it blocks, fake food, sand, play-doh, you name it…. He’s currently “cooking” Kinetic Sand items and just yelled out “WE HAVE A PIZZA PREDICAMENT!!!!” and frantically started relocating things.
Apparently, the “oven” was too hot or something. lol

3:05 pm – FINALLY got the kiddo’s LeapReader set up. Cool gadget. He’s having a blast with just the demo book / paper. Can’t wait to see how he likes the additional activity pack. 🙂 Thanks, Mom!

3:19 pm – New toys are cool. Even the educational ones.

4:31 pm – YES!!!! 7 Day Combo’s are now available directly through our company websites! No more messing with paypal/invoicing and all that post office jazz. LOVE IT!!
/happydancin’ yeah yeah!
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6:23 pm – dread…. starting to think this headache thing might have something to do with a tooth….

10:14 pm – If I rename 6 of 8 of my 23 cats I could say they were Hooper, Cali, Fraggle, Mystic, Hex, Bea, Ally, Dutchess.
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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

5:30 pm – Kid: Look at this super sized cupcake!!!! Schnazzy!!

/headscratch….. do I say “schnazzy”??? I say lots of things… is “schnazzy” one of them?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
8:29 am – Still sick and my internet keeps dropping so please forgive me if I am slow to respond or miss a notification… I am not getting a lot of my notices at all so if you have something urgent and I haven’t answered send a private message. I’m trying! I promise!

12:09 pm – /sigh
The kid has moved from slightly sniffley with a cough to crashed out on the couch with no energy whining about how he’s gonna puke if he eats or drinks anything. 🙁

1:19 pm – Juice pop and kitty nurses.
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2:56 pm – I need someone to deliver me a really good carpet steam cleaner… RIGHT NOW. thank you

4:16 pm – Sitting on the bathroom floor while the kiddo relaxes in the shower. Running water always made me feel better, it seems to be working for him, too. He’s still miserable but more “cheerful” about it at the moment. He’s sitting on the shower floor whimpering but doesn’t want to leave because he likes the water. So here we are. I brought juice and crackers. Lily is confused.

Thursday, January 7th, 2016
10:42 am – Didn’t get anything done yesterday because the kid felt bad.
Not getting anything done today because the kid feels good.

1:42 pm – Anyone want a 6 year old? Kid goes from flat out dead to 200mph in 15 seconds….
Anyone? Anyone?

4:19 pm – NO.

I mean…. cough… I had to go to town to get crickets for the dragon and I found me a Tartar Sauce. Grumpy Cat - Tartar Sauce

8:20 pm – Before I get offline for the evening, I just want to set this here because it’s just awesome and I am so incredibly lucky to be a part of this amazing company with all these amazing people!!!

CEO Travis Martin just shared this on his page…
“As the end of the year numbers come rolling in … I could not help but ask our designer Dean Petersen to create a graphic showcasing the amazing success TruVision Health has experienced in just 20 months of business. What is even more staggering; the numbers I have posted reflect only the past 12 months … or the year of 2015. Congratulations to all of our TVH Associates out there. They are the ones who have created these numbers and are the heroes of this company. I am deeply humbled by all of your efforts. I am thrilled to see what 2016 has in store for all of us.”

Now that’s #TruMagic in the making!!! #ILoveMyJob!!! Join us and #MakeADifference! #NewYearNewYou
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