Fairy’s Log 2015: Week 8

Fairy's Log 2015 Week 8 | Fairy Busy Mommy
Fairy’s Log 2015: Week 8 – The weekly ramblings of A Fairy Busy Mommy

Thursday, February 19th, 2015
1:51 am – Taxes Filed… 1 stress out of the way. whoop!

2:18 pm – Tax Return Accepted… 2 stresses out of the way! woot

5:11 pm – Trying to get caught up on my blog(s) again… One of these days I’m REALLY going to get into the swing of things. Everyone keeps telling me that I have a way with words and that they enjoy reading my posts when I do have something to write… I just need to past whatever has been giving me this ‘writer’s block’. I will figure this out. I will I will I WILL!!!

Friday, February 20th, 2015
8:12 am – oooh It’s drizzly whizzly out there. The geesey wheesies are happy whappy, the doggie woggies are muddy wuddy, the kitty whitties are sleepy wheepy in the barny warny…
Oh yeah.
I’ve had my coffee woffee and a double dose of TruVision.
/bouncy wouncy

9:57 am – I need a really nice POCKET SIZED camera. It’s nice being able to take pics with my iPod, and it’s always in my pocket, but unless I’m outside in good light the pictures come out grainy. There is ALWAYS something photo worthy around here so having a camera on hand at all times is great, but I can rarely get a GOOD quality picture let alone a GREAT one.
I could have an awesome “photo blog” if I could get decent shots!

1:03 pm – I think living in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road in the woods has made me paranoid. Every time I hear a vehicle out there I feel like I need to go look and see what’s going on. Who’s out there?! Why are you here?! Get off my road!
Some car just stopped outside on the road, right in front of my house and sat there. I could see it partially through the trees, but not enough to see what they were doing. Of course the dogs were growling and barking and throwing a fit. When the car left I put on my boots and walked through the trees to look on the road, half expecting a box of kittens or something to be left behind. No critters, (hooray) but they sure did leave a pile of trash. Cigarettes, empty cartons, bottles. Jerks jerks jerks. Go dirty up your own road!

2:14 pm – Okay I *think* I have all my 2015 “Fairy Logs”, “Codyisms” and some weight-loss updates caught up on my blog. 1 more stress gone. LOL
Now to work on some more focused “content filled” posts and other projects.

Saturday, February 21st, 2015
9:27 am – I am neither a miracle worker, nor a mind reader.
… jus’ sayin’

11:53 am – Dear Kitty,
I completely understand the unpleasantness of having to puke… believe me, I really really do… but… could you PLEASE pick one spot to puke in and stay there for a few minutes until you’re done, instead of wandering around the house looking for additional locations to continue puking in?
The Puke Cleaner

2:22 pm – Wandering around outside, on the edge of the woods, looking for my husband, when I am startled by the sound of a chainsaw starting up. Good thing I’m not in Texas or anything!
Oh wait….

Monday, February 23rd, 2015
9:23 am – Had to bust our way out of the house this morning to release the chickens, who had to be busted out of their house this morning. Texas done got iced. LOL

10:51 am – Now THAT is a proper winter temperature.A Proper Winter Temp | Fairy Busy Mommy



11:39 am – Merlin & Cody watching the cardinals in the snow.
Yes.. the kid is shirtless. Don’t freak out! His mom is Buffalonian and his dad is part reptile so it’s like 80 in the house 😉 If you wanna come and wrestle a shirt on the kid, be my guest, but I promise you as soon as you turn your back he’ll have it lost in the depths of the stuffed animal pile in his room, never to be found again. LOLWatching Cardinals | Fairy Busy Mommy

1:22 pm – Hey ‪#‎Truvision‬ fam…. Am I insane or are the TruFix and TruWeight & Energy boxes super cool feeling? Ladies? Would y’all agree or am I becoming one of my cats?
I just wanna pet the box.
/gigglefits — feeling silly.

1:46 pm – Looking for a CHOCOLATE flavored breakfast/meal-replacement shake made with REAL ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, Splenda, sucralose, etc….
(not looking for DS company ads, just relevant product names…. thanks!)

4:19 pm – Homemade sauce on the stove all day… going nuts… gonna start drooling…. good gods why is my husband such an awesome cook? This girl ain’t never gonna get back in those skinny jeans! ROFL

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015
1:29 pm – Holy Ice Capades, Batman! … I need some snow boots with spiked soles or a pair of ice skates. Just skated, wiggled and shimmied my way down the driveway to get a box at the mailbox…  It’s a good thing my mail carrier didn’t try to drive up to the house! LOL Ice rink city, sistah!! I could have totally won the grand prize on AFV if someone had been filming….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
8:22 am – More Ice! I want SNOW.

8:27 am – Dear Weather God Who JUST Granted The ‘Wish’ I JUST Posted on Facebook…