Fairy’s Log 2015: Week 6

Fairy's Log 2015 Week 6 | Fairy Busy Mommy
Fairy’s Log 2015: Week 6 – The weekly ramblings of A Fairy Busy Mommy

Thursday, February 5th, 2015
9:31 am – TODAY: I will work on the blog. I will work on the blog. I will work on the blog. I WILL work on the blog….

2:00 pm –

4:13 pm –

Friday, February 6th, 2015
12:07 pm – Whaaaahooo!!!!! Another advancement notice from my TruVision upline!!!

“Congratulations on advancing to Senior Associate, Deni Cooper, Im so proud of you, you’ve shown extraordinary Leadership abilities. Next Stop 1 Star Director! You have a very bright future ahead of you.”

This is awesome!!!!TruVision Senior Associate | Fairy Busy Mommy


1:29 pm – Today we are having Hammywhammy Turkeylurkey Butterywuttery Cheesewheezy Toastywoasty Meltywelty Sandwiches.
Beat that crankywanky metal chef dude!

3:20 pm – I am so excited I am bouncing off the walls happy dancing all over the house today. 😀 Can’t wait to show Aaron my rank advancement when he gets home!!!! Yeeehaw!!! I love this company!

Saturday, February 7th, 2015
11:55 am – Guess what time it is?!
Oh yeah, baby! It’s Bunny Time!
Cadbury Creme Eggs | Fairy Busy Mommy1:43 pm –

Sunday, February 8th, 2015
11:48 am – Dear Gods of Trivial Material Things… I would like a Bowflex. That is all. Bingbangwallawallabingbang

12:33 pm – BBL it’s family time 🙂 Have a great day y’all!

4:22 pm – Had a fun afternoon at the park with Aaron and our kiddo. The grownups and the kiddo made new friends and everyone had fun 🙂
Now we’re home makin’ pizza from scratch and enjoying the open windows.

Monday, February 9th, 2015
8:36 am – So last night I could NOT sleep. The clock ticked along like it was covered in molasses. Around 2 am I gave up and tried to do some puzzles on my iPod for a while. FINALLY got tired and fell asleep only to be unpleasantly awakened by one of those nightmares where Aaron has to wake me up. I guess I was moaning and whimpering again because I couldn’t open my mouth to scream.
Get this… it was a Giant Duck. Yeah… a giant duck was trying to get me through the car window and I couldn’t move and I couldn’t roll up the window.

9:09 am – Kid: MAMA!!!! LOOK!!!! I made it across all those sausages and I’m on the next piece of chicken!!!!
(I’ll just leave that one there for y’all to ponder… )

10:13 am – Need.Motivation.STAT.
So many things to do and so little want to do any of it today.
….and I’m cold… /boggled

2:00 pm – Got the “easy part” of my taxes done.. now for the pita part… weeeee

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
9:15 am – Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning!! Gonna be a good day yeah yeah yeah! Gonna be a good day! Oh yeah!!! good good good good day! Whoop Whoop!! /happy dancin’

11:28 am – Why is it that EVERY time I get in a good mood and say it’s going to be a good day that the kid insists on proving me wrong?
/needs a vacation

2:44 pm – Doh!!! Tossed some stale biscuits out the backdoor and nailed the rooster right in the head. Whoopsies! My bad dude!

3:54 pm – Whaahooo!!!! I love PAYDAY!!! Especially when my calculations are off and in my favor!!
OCD + Excel Spreadsheet = Fun Prediction Tools

5:22 pm – I just gotta say WOW. Obviously I’m excited for myself because it’s payday and that’s ALWAYS a good thing.. I mean… whoohoo! bills paid!…. but HOLY COW… all the people on my TruVision team and in my upline groups just happy dancing away today is just so awesome. All the promotions… All these lives changing both in health AND finances. All the excitement… This company is absolutely amazing… we are really making a difference!!! I’m just floored. I can’t wait to see where we go next!!!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
7:44 am – Don’t ya just hate a sticky Honey Bear? It’s like pancake syrup.. you know darn well you didn’t touch the syrup and yet it’s spontaneously all over everything you touch…

8:23 am – Dear “New” PayPal… you’re STILL stupid.

9:24 am – If I ever figure out who the jerk was that created this fraud mess with my bank account I’m gonna tear his/her eyes out and make him/her eat them!!!
I’m so irritated right now I could probably spit fire.

10:18 am – So a friend can paypal me money and I get it in my account immediately. Then I can paypal my friend money and it pulls right from my bank account and my friend gets the money immediately. BUT… if I want to transfer my own funds from my own bank into my own paypal account it takes 3-5 business days.

11:18 am – Nothing like an super stressful morning to get the blood pumping. I feel like I could run laps around the equator! I need to get me some running shoes!

6:33 pm – How many kitties can you see?Count The Kitties | Fairy Busy Mommy