Fairy’s Log 2014: September 28th – October 4th

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Fairy's Log 2014 September 27th - October 4th

Sunday 9-28-14
9:43 am – heheheh kitten escape! kitten escape! LOL They all busted out of my office and climbed straight up the cat tower at the end of the hall and needed air-lifting back down LOL

12:33 pm – Good thing there is a post office right by where Aaron works… he’s gonna be stopping there a lot! LOL

7:13 pm – Watched the series opener of Beauty & The Beast…. Holy 80’s Flashback, Batman!

Monday 9-29-14
11:23 am – I need a vacation. I think I am going to take the day off. Yes. That would be best. Goodbye.

8:12 pm – So this morning I was awakened to the sound of the kiddo yelling for me. Upon asking why he was yelling he told me that a spaceship was here to take our cats.
Monroe, one of the barn cat rescues, has been missing all day 🙁

8:54 pm OMG!!!! We found him! I went outside to feed the dogs and Snickerdoodle and call for Monster and while I was “meowing” for Monster a little voice kept meowing very very faintly back at me. It’s pitch black out here so I had to get the flashlight and but then I was able to follow the tiny little meows through the woods (with Aaron and another flashlight in tow)… Monroe was way the hell up in a tiny little tree wedged between the branches crying his little heart out! Aaron got the extension ladder and went up after him. The poor thing was so tired he didn’t put up a struggle at all and got down safely with no injuries to himself or us LOL
He is now chowing down in the workshop with the other barn kitty rescues.
/happy tears!

9:43 pm – Meanwhile, back inside the house the triplet kittens knocked over my ginormous box of packing peanuts. Then their mother knocked it over again (into the water bowl of course) right as I finished picking up the last one.

I am going to bed and not getting up until FRIDAY!!!!

Tuesday 9-30-14
8:55 am – So tired of “Fair Weather Friends”. If we’re only friends when you need me, and not because you enjoy being around me or talking with me, please.. just give me up.

10:00 am

11:58 am – Sometimes you just gotta scream at the top of your lungs and flap around like some maniacal featherless bird-thing because you’re just sooooooo freakin’ HAPPY!!!!

6:47 pm

Wednesday 10-1-14
10:42 am – Denice Cooper strikes again! I am now arguing with the American Cancer Society about removing my email address from their system. I have unsubscribed from their newsletters I don’t know how many times and the guy wants my home address…. YOU DON’T NEED MY HOME ADDRESS… she used HER home address! You just need to remove my EMAIL ADDRESS from your system!!! And fix your stupid non-working unsubscribe form while you’re at it! UGH.

Thursday 10-2-14
8:06 am – Woot Woot! Down 3.2 lbs since Saturday 🙂
Love me some TruVision Health!

3:10 pm – No clue why we never did it before, but we just got a couple of Play-Doh kits for the kiddo. He’s playing with one right now that’s a truck that has a “saw” and a template to make different logs and beams that he can cut and load up on the truck and stack up like Lincoln Logs. He’s “working at the construction site” now.

Friday 10-3-14
9:41 am – Kid: Mama? R is for ragamuffin cat because they like to eat muffins… just like I’m eating now.. a bagel muffin… it’s just a muffin.

1:47 pm – The kittens are getting braver about exploring the rest of the house. They were mostly staying in the hall in front of my office but yesterday and today they started coming out into the living room and kitchen (with mama staying close to keep the bigger kitties away if needed). Occasionally, one needs to be rescued from a high spot that they can’t remember how they got up on, but they’re mostly doing just fine in their exploration… in fact, one just climbed up me to get on the couch to chew on my elbow. lol

7:08 pm – Kid: Sometimes you have to put your hands up when you get arrested for going on the roof.

Saturday 10-4-14
8:22 am – And Fall has fallen. Heater’s on in Texas! LOL

12:36 pm – Not sure if I static zapped him or what, but Tinker just bit my toe through my fuzzy sock and then flew straight up about 2 feet, backwards 5 and ran away. A few minutes later he came back and did the exact same thing. I have inspected my fuzzy sock, but can’t quite figure out the problem. LOL

12:45 pm – Prepping the new barrel stove set up to keep the barn kitties warm this winter. This thing is awesome! It’s WAY more efficient than the set up we had last year and much warmer! The kitties are gonna LOVE it 🙂
They’re already staking claims on campsites near where it’s going to be sitting in the workshop hehe.
Barrel Stove | Fairy Busy Mommy

2:01 pm – I think I should lease Yeti to a cotton ball factory. He could probably fill a hundred bags of cotton balls every time he shakes.

2:50 pm – It is a really nice day! We’re hanging out in the driveway with the barn cats and the burn barrel watching the Monarch butterflies pass through while the kiddo rides around on his tricycle. Ahhh the country life!

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