Fairy’s Log 2014: September 21st – September 27th

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Fairy's Log 2014 September 21st - September 27th

Sunday 9-21-14
11:06 am – Oh Yeah!

12:39 pm – Good Grief… I must be homesick.. looking at pictures of the river and I just started bawling. :-/

1:49 pm – Tinker has a bad habit of standing up as tall as he can and grabbing on to your leg (or waist or backside if you’re me) with his little razors that grow way too fast for me to keep up with. This time, he got slapped by Karma.
Aaron was leaning on the kitchen counter, drinking a glass of water and minding his own business when out of nowhere Tinker decided to “say hello”. Unfortunately for Aaron, and Tinker, Tinker’s razor sharp “reach” lines up badly for a tall man. Very narrowly missing a very bad spot, Tinker’s claws sunk in at the same time Aaron took a big drink of water. Doubling over with a watery “OMMPFFF!!” Aaron ended up out of reflex spitting the water right into Tinker’s face.
Tinker has been under the kitchen table for the past five minutes trying to dry himself.

Monday 9-22-14
10:55 am – Welp.. the couch *might* be haunted after all… it just tried to eat my cat.
Tinker jumped off the window shelf onto the back of the couch and ended up with the entire front half of his body embedded into the crevice between the cushions. He had to dig in with his back feet to pull himself out. LOL
Where’s a friggin’ hidden camera when you need one?

7:29 pm – Pot roast for dinner followed by our very first “chocolate fondue” experience… Ordered a Veleta fondue warmer and some chocolates and it arrived today so we chopped up some strawberries and bananas for dipping and even dipped a few pretzels… mmm mmm good!
Next for some cheese and veggies LOL

Tuesday 9-23-14
3:08 pm – Ow. It usually takes me all day to get 10,000 steps in but today I got them all in during a 2 hour 4 mile hike in the WRONG SHOES. I think my toes are going to fall off. Pardon me while I go prepare a grave for my feet.

Wednesday 9-24-14
2:25 pm – Kid is throwing a fit and being a total jerk over a cup at the moment. I sent him to his room and was saying something about how dumb it was to be throwing such a fit over a cup and accidentally said “clup” instead of “cup” … the little brat had the nerve to totally disregard everything else I was saying to him, including the fact that I had sent him to his room, to correct me.
Really kid? I’m sending to your room and I’m about to throw your cup in the trash because you’re acting like a TOTAL BRAT for NO REASON and you’re going to correct my speech?
Anybody want a 5 year old? GRRRRR

8:04 pm – Good Night MOON!

Thursday 9-25-14
1:54 pm – Who sells Chuck Taylors? I need to try a pair on, I don’t want to shop online and I haven’t bought shoes in 10 years LOL.

1:57 pm

2:53 pm – Kid: You know if we just buy the cow we don’t need to buy milk.

3:28 pm – Whoohoo!!! Whoohoo!!! My TruVision is on the truck!!!
‘ere trucky trucky trucky!!!!

4:06 pm

Friday 9-26-14
11:45 am – Come on UPS guy, come on!!! I want to take my TruVision before lunch! 😀

1:18 pm – Ugh. Why do people post pictures of a meal that looks like a pile of vomit and expect people to go “ooooh! that looks delicious!”
Step away from the camera people!

1:25 pm

3:54 pm – Going for the record of most chores done with a cat hanging off my rump. Started with cleaning the litter box with one of Pixie’s kittens hanging off my butt and another hanging over my shoulder. Next it was washing dishes with Tinker hanging off my butt. I better quit before my big babies, Missy & Xerox, decide to turn! Yikes!

4:54 pm – Sometime… just sometimes… Karma decides that you’ve behaved yourself well enough and gives you a little reward. 🙂
Thank you Karma ♥

Saturday 9-27-14
11:27 am – I love the smile program at Amazon… whenever I buy something I need a percentage goes to the Barn Cat rescue organization where I got my “feral” kitties from 🙂

11:49 am – Slowly introducing kittens to the rest of the house. They’ve been confined to my office for their own safety but now that they’re not so awkward on their feet and can run without falling over I’m starting to let them explore the rest of the house.

Tinker & Merlin are finally getting used to Pixie roaming around (she has been able to just go in and out of the office by hoping over the gate since the kittens were born) so it’s time to let them get used to her kittens, too. Tinker is more tolerant than Merlin, though. Merlin is a cranky little boy so I have to keep my eye on him.

Xerox & Missy are indifferent to all of it as long as nobody gets “in their face”.

Going to get real interesting in here with 6 black cats wandering around!

Cats! LOL

12:55 pm – Buggers! I hate it when I forget to wear my fitbit… especially when it’s a good steppin’ day!

1:23 pm – Good Golly, Y’all! Just got my shipment yesterday and I”m already going to have to order more TruVision trial packs!

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