Fairy’s Log 2014: September 14th – September 20th

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Fairy's Log 2014 September 14th - September 20th | Fairy Busy Mommy

Sunday 9-14-14
2:06 pm – House catification still in progress. More shelves, more scratchers and a re-vamped litter station in the works.
Hooray for tons of scrap wood and for cardboard boxes from having monthly deliveries from shopping online instead of at the grocery store! We might just be able to go into business making cardboard scratching stations. LOL
Photos to follow whenever I can get back on a real computer.

Monday 9-15-14
9:45 am – Okay, so I am really excited. Last June I started on something to help me lose weight and it did great, but then at the end of the year it changed and stopped working for me.

Well, last Monday I started a new product and only managed to take 2/3 of the amount I was supposed to take during that time and it’s working even better than what I was using last year at full strength!

I have lost 3.2 pounds in 7 days. My waist, hips, arms and neck have shrunk and I feel great. 🙂 Not that I’m wishing my life away but I can’t wait to see what happens after one month!
/happy dancin’

7:32 pm – Woot woot!! Just finished dinner, a great big nummy chicken salad!
As of right now, I weigh .2 lbs more than I weighed this morning, which means… based on my usual trend of weighing several pounds more in the evening than I do in the morning… that I lost more weight again today! Yeah!
I actually look forward to getting on the scale now. LOL
After just over a week I am about to reach a goal that I have been trying to reach for MONTHS!
Thank you TruVision!

Tuesday 9-16-14
7:42 am – What’s with teen girls these days? They all look like over eyeliner-ed, over mascara-ed “duck-lipped” deer caught in the headlights! lol
Every time I see a pic scroll by I think I know who it is, but nope, it’s just another girl that looks just like every other girl!

It’s okay to be different girls! It really really is!!

8:47 am – Pixie’s triplets: Mystic, Salem & Onyx

3:16 pm – With multiple cats comes multiple litter boxes. Yeah, I know, ew.. cat poop.
Anyways… this weekend we replaced one of the cat pans with a storage tote from Home Depot… the cat’s haven’t touched the “real” cat pans since.
They are ALL using the storage tote pan. LOL
I’ve only had to scoop one box and NOTHING sticks to the tote so it’s super easy to clean!

Kitty Litter Box Box | Fairy Busy Mommy

4:19 pm – Xerox caught the mysterious red dot… or so he thinks…
Xerox & The Red Dot | Fairy Busy Mommy4:59 pm – Tinker tested. Merlin approved.
Merlin Approved | Fairy Busy Mommy

5:06 pm – Carpet. Yes, this will do nicely.
This Will Do Nicely | Fairy Busy Mommy

5:16 pm – Decor? Yeah..um.. NO. That’s gotta go.
Decor? Yeah. No. | Fairy Busy Mommy

5:25 pm – Just need to put away all the breakables and re-decorate around them. Happy cats = Happy households. LOL
Happy Cats = Happy Household | Fairy Busy Mommy

Wednesday 9-17-14

11:54 am – The kittens are 6 weeks today and trying to figure out the litter pan. The girl (of course) has it under control. The boys… well, they think it’s a playground. /sigh

Thursday 9-18-14
8:43 am – Gonna be one of THOSE days. /grumble grumble grumble

10:40 am – The kiddo is in his sandbox and it’s nice and quiet in here (for a few minutes anyways). My oldest kitty has fallen asleep on the couch beside me with her little paws crossed and I just want to put a little blankie on her and tuck her in. LOL

2:15 pm – Decide to do some critter intro’s on my blog (seeing as I live in a zoo).
Got 8.5 of the cats taken care of… (hehe read my blog post to figure that one out!) and I will add more intro’s soon!

8:33 pm – Oh dear… The kiddo says babies are only $20 and he wants a sister.
Not gonna happen mister. ($20 or not lol)
Night y’all!

Friday 9-19-14
8:36 am – heheheh I switched my FB to “Pirate” and there’s an ad in the sidebar that says “Click to shop for Bounty”… it sounds pirate, but it’s just an ad for paper towels LOL (and I just typed “paper” backwards and had to correct it.. wth?)

Why be the coffee always gone?

12:57 pm – Okay neato. I joined TruVision on the 11th and have been impatiently (it’s good stuff!) waiting on my kit to arrive. It’s been marked shipped since this weekend but there was no tracking info, it just said tracking hadn’t been updated yet.
I sent an email to the company just to see if they had updated tracking info for me (I’m out of my trial pack supply!! eep!) and found out (not 5 minutes after sending the email) that my kit actually had NOT been shipped yet (the shipping software is being updated so it will say processed or something BEFORE shipped lol… they’re a brand new company, give ’em a break!) because of the high demand for the product sample packs that they totally weren’t expecting (it’s GOOD stuff!).
Anyways, my kit is being sent out on Monday and they upgraded it to overnight shipping for FREE to make up for the delay. Yea!
I did NOT ask for anything other than tracking info, so hooray for sweet customer service! Imagonna like it here 🙂

2:08 pm – I am HYPER! I need to go run in circles or something…. weeeeeee!!!!

2:48 pm – Dad’s new ride, which I’ll probably never get to drive.
Dad's Bumblebee Car | Fairy Busy Mommy

5:16 pm – OKay… I feel like I am in an aquarium full of catfish. Now that we’ve added shelves & walkways for the cats to get up on there is life at every vertical level of my home. Around my feet, above my head, at eye level, grabbing my elbows, tucked into “caverns” below chairs and tables… everywhere!

7:31 pm – FINALLY got to watch Day of the Doctor!!!!
/tears ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday 9-20-14

6:43 pm – Busy, Exciting and ANNOYING day. Some dumbasses are hunting dove in the field nearby and a bunch of bird shot just hit my shed. Somebody’s gonna get their butts handed to them.

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