Fairy’s Log 2014: October 5th – October 11th

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Fairy's Log 2014 October 5th - October 11th | Fairy Busy Mommy

Sunday 10-5-14
10:51 am – Spent two hours sitting at the kitchen table with the kid while he got to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because of bad behavior.
He pestered the hell out of me this morning the moment I woke up about a bowl of cereal, which I gave him. Then while I was in the bathroom he decided to go on a psycho screaming rampage and chase the cats all over the house instead of eating the cereal he so badly wanted and completely ignored me yelling at him to stop. THEN he threw a fit about his cereal being ‘mushy’ and demanded I give him something else!
Well guess what smart ass!! You don’t get to harass me for food then go on a rampage while I’m out of the room and then refuse to eat the food you harassed me for and then demand new food when there’s nothing wrong with the food you had.
So he got stuck at the table with his ‘mushy’ bowl of cereal with the deal that he could sit there until lunchtime OR finish it and go play and even get something else to eat… Easy peasy, right??
Not for The King of Stubborn!!! No sir!!
Two painful hours later, he finally agrees to eat and of course it’s REALLY mushy by now so what the hell was the point of all that?! STUBBORN FLEEPIN’ KID!!!

/bangs head on kitchen table

Monday 10-6-14
The kittens swiped a toy soldier.
It was awful.
The world almost ended.
Mama saved the soldier.
The child is okay now. (and so is the solider)
You may return to your normal life now while I cook lunch.

3:10 pm – Ooh Oooh.. I have always wanted to do one of these but never had a “moment” worthy of it so here we go…

That moment when you’re too spaced out to stop filling your cup and it overflows onto your foot.

How’s that? Did I do it right?

3:36 pm – My goodness… with the kittens on the loose now I need a CTCT!!
(Cat Traffic Control Tower)

4:24 pm – I haven’t had an itty bitty kitty in a long time… I have NEVER had 3 itty bitty kitties all at the SAME time before. They are absolutely hilarious and they tickle!
The “grown up” kitties aren’t quite sure what to make of it all! lol

7:39 pm – Poor Pixie.. she’s such a good mama kitty. She’s all passed out in the middle of the floor and the triplets are just rompin’ right over top of her while she rests.

Tuesday 10-7-14
2:46 pm  – ROFLMAO!!! Last night I took a quiz that said I was a witch in a past life… THIS quiz says I was burned at the stake in Salem for being a witch.

Wednesday 10-8-14
9:52 am – WOOT! Down another pound this morning and yesterday morning I was down 1.4 lbs. I’ve lost 4.8 lbs since 9-27-14 and I haven’t been able to do that in MONTHS! YEAH!
TruVision WORKS!
Just Gotta Have TruVision with Fairy Fit Mommy

12:25 pm – The kittens are doing “laps” or something under then over the rocking chair… it’s like one of those never ending hankies that a clown pulls out of his pocket because I can’t see the backside of the chair and more and more kittens just keep popping out from under it and climbing over it and then disappearing down the back and popping back out the bottom again. LOL

8:17 pm – Sleep well purrsons!

Thursday 10-9-14
12:54 pm – Am I the only one that gets the oogies from pictures of bare feet and toes? Put some socks on those things LOL

2:04 pm – Last weekend we got a Pizza Hut pizza for the first time in about a year… today I cheated and instead of having my usual yummy shake for lunch I zapped a personal sized deep dish Red Baron pizza…. I hate to say it Pizza Hut, but Red Baron’s got you beat. (cheaper, too!)

3:51 pm – Dear New PayPal… YOU SUCK. UGH!! I want the old paypal back sooooo bad. :-/

Friday 10-10-14
7:55 am – In the middle of the night I was awakened by the sounds of something playing with a plastic cup in the tub.. only nothing was there. (no, it wasn’t a cat, they don’t have access)
I looked around for a while then figured I was dreaming and went back to bed.
At 5 am it woke me up again… something playing in the tub with a plastic cup! Dropping the cup, rolling it around on the tub floor… What the heck?
I looked and looked but couldn’t find anything in the bathroom at all… and then it sneezed… from inside the shower wall about level with my head.
I banged on the wall and told whatever it was to scram and it dropped whatever it was playing with, started sneezing and scrambling, then slid down the wall with a “thunk” and started scrambling and sneezing some more.
One would think that with 16 cats and 2 Great Pyrenees that critters would NOT be an issue around here.
Methinks I need to have a chat with the furry workforce.

2:39 pm – Interesting (and rather creepy) how I post a status update yesterday about how the new paypal sucks and how I haven’t been getting notifications of transactions (since about mid-September) and all the sudden today I’m getting transaction notices again like nothing happened.
PayPal, are you stalking me? Uh… thanks for turning notifications back on?
/looks over shoulder…

10:02 pm – Batten down the hatches mates it’s storm time! Night y’all!

Saturday 10-11-14
7:44 am – Weee! Fun storms last night. At least it wasn’t 90 degrees when the power went out. Stayed nice and cool all night 🙂

10:14 am – Added a scoop of peanut butter to my shake today and now it tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup! nom nom!

5:47 pm – Bring on the warmz! Fluffy knows what’s up 🙂
Bring on the warmz! | Fairy Busy Mommy


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