Fairy’s Log 2014: October 26th – November 1st

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Fairy's Log 2014 October 26th - November 1stMonday 10-27-14
8:51 am – Yahoo!! Down 8.2 pounds, 2.5″ on my waist, 2″on my hips (7.7″ total w/legs, arms, etc.) and starting my 2nd 30 day round of the TruVision weight-loss combo today! 🙂

10:22 am – Holy ADD moment, Batman!
I was trying to text my husband, but the “low battery” notice kept popping up on my iPod and it kept kicking me out of the text program.
I reached for my iPod charging cable on the table next to me and then realized it wasn’t there because we rearranged the living room yesterday and I had put everything that was on my table into a tote when I moved the table.
At this point I decided that my table was too far back and that I had to reach behind myself to reach my glass of water, so I moved the water to the bar and went to move the table forward so that I could reach my water more easily.
Well, the base of the lamp was blocking the table leg, so I had to move the lamp at which point the middle of 3 bulbs flickered on. I had thought it was a dead bulb, but apparently it was just loose so I tightened it. Since the 3 bulbs are on flexible arm thingies, I decided to readjust the way they were pointing and wiggled them all into a new position. It’s much brighter now but the lamps won’t shine directly on the cats when they pass by on the Skyway.
I got pounced by a kitten and of course had to stop and snuggle for a moment, but then I tripped over the table because it wasn’t where I thought I had put it because I didn’t finish moving it when I adjusted the lamp.
I relocated the table and sat down to text my husband, while reaching for my water. My water wasn’t on the table and my iPod kicked me out of the text program because the “low battery” notice popped up. I got up to get my water and set my iPod down on the bar to dig the charging cord out of the tote.
Once again I sat down to text my husband and realized all I had in my hands was a charging cord and a glass of water.

10:28 am – hmmm… I keep finding screws on the floor and have been wondering where they are coming from. I just figured it out. I stretched and leaned my head back which left me looking straight up at the bottom of one of the Kitty Skyways… it’s missing screws. I don’t think I will sit here right now seeing as I lack a hard hat. lol

11:00 am – That moment when you can’t find anything you need because, for the life of you, you can’t remember what you’re looking for!

I swear I’m 50 Shades of Stupid today!

12:30 pm – ROFL!!! Salem got a little too curious about my cup of water and nearly drown himself sticking his HEAD in it to sniff it. Apparently he didn’t see the liquid and is now trying to dry himself between sneezing fits. LOL

8:17 pm – It’s time to get up and get ready for bed, but Salem is sleeping on me so I am stuck. I wonder if I can get someone to bring me my pillow and blankie… Lol

Tuesday 10-28-14
9:37 am – Checking out the new social network, if you’d like to check it out too you can sign up here http://tsu.co/DeniCooper
It’s free to join, and supposedly they’re going to pay people for their content, but I’ll believe THAT when I see it…LOL
Right now, I’m just interested in the networking platform.

4:49 pm – Dear Printer,
Could you have possibly picked a worse time to run out of ink?!?!!

Wednesday 10-29-14
12:29 pm – You know your dog is too big when he runs into the side of the house and you think there’s an earthquake.

7:58 pm – Onyx and Salem wish you all a Happy National Cat Day
National Cat Day

8:21 pm – The TriCATra is going to need a bigger foot stool soon.
The TriCATra is Growing

Thursday 10-30-14
12:52 pm – Filled out a “customer satisfaction” survey for usps.com and the last question was “What level of education did you complete?”
What the heck does MY education have to do with YOUR customer service?

1:27 pm – Only in Texas is it 90+ last Friday and 30 this Friday lol

2:04 pm – It’s a good thing that I am shrinking, because Salem is growing and pretty soon there is not going to be enough room for him AND my belly in his daily supervisory position at my workstation.
Salem is Growing

5:52 pm – They’re just too darn precious!!! I love my furbabies!!!
Deni & The Pets
Precious Triplets

Friday 10-31-14
7:42 am – Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween!

8:53 am – Opened the dishwasher to get out my blender parts to make my breakfast and see the chickens in the porch kitty food. Go out the door to shoo them off the porch and come back to find a dishwasher full of black cats and kittens. /sigh

9:52 am – There’s just something silly and ridiculous about a cat carrying something in it’s mouth,especially when it makes them look like they have a big fuzzy red tongue.
Red PomPom Tongue

11:05 am – Okay it’s really plain, simple and boring at the moment but I whipped up a webpage real quick so that now it’s MUCH easier to order a TruVision 7 Day Trial from me I’ll add more info and stuff to it later.. I’ve got Halloween stuff to do today!!!

Saturday 11-1-14
10:50 am – FINALLY got to go Trick or Treat with the kiddo last night. (Last year he was sick, the year before I was sick)
He had a blast!!! The first house we went to had a guy in camo covered in foliage standing up against a tree with red light coming out of his face… kiddo was fascinated.
He was so brave, too.. he was walking right up to all the monsters! Some a little more cautiously than others, butnone the less he was RIGHT up there with them. He even poked a few to see if they were “real”. One of them, white hockey mask (Jason?), jumped out at him after he got brave enough to get real close and made him scream real good. After he backed up to me he was laughing (nervously) and said “I thought that guy was gonna kill me!”
Towards the end he rang one doorbell and then hid to the side and when the door opened HE jumped out and yelled boo at the man with the candy. Too funny 😀
Fairy Happy Halloween

1:15 pm – With 16 cats and 2 humongous dogs, it’s REALLY REALLY NICE not having to lug bags of pet food from the pet store all the time!!
THANK YOU Life’s Abundance!!!!

3:42 pm – It’s only 700 degrees… Think my shoe will melt?
Only 700 Degrees

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