Fairy’s Log 2014: November 9th – November 15th

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Fairy's Log 2014 November 9th - November 15th


Sunday 11-9-14
8:12 am – Another nice cool, fire-worthy day 🙂 I’ll be outside y’all!

8:43 am – Does anyone else NOT want to ever see Frozen, no matter how cute it MAY be, because they are sick to death of seeing it everywhere they look for the past however many MONTHS?
Do you want to build a hash tag?
‪#‎sickoffrozen‬ ‪#‎haventseenit‬ ‪#‎dontcare‬

11:43 am – It boggles me how the cats don’t knock themselves flat out sometimes. They get inside something, like a paper bag most recently, and run at full speed, blindly with it on their heads until they crash… hard… fall over and immediately take off in another direction.

Monday 11-10-14
10:09 am – So I’m packing some samples up for shipping and Salem is sitting on my workbench watching me. He decides he’s gonna help and grabs an empty container out of the box next to him and puts it, very purposefully, in the bin with the samples I’m going to send out and meows at me. LOL

12:24 pm – Need.More.Wax. 🙂

Tuesday 11-11-14
8:05 am – After living with 16 active cats & kittens, I think if I ever go for a walk through New York City again that I’ll be much better prepared. A simple walk to the local refrigerator from the couch takes a good 3 minutes of careful route planning that never quite works out just so.
I can’t go anywhere without stepping on, over, around (and sometimes under) someone. I can’t go anywhere without being blocked or run into at least 3 times. There’s even the occasional pile of puke on the ground and an encounter with very sharp pointy objects accompanied by some kind of vocal commotion that may or may not result in my bleeding.
I can’t leave my stuff unattended for half a second without something being taken or simply flung across the room for the hell of it. All the good places to sit are usually taken and when you do find somewhere to sit someone else usually comes and sits right on top of you, and there is always someone sleeping on the ground or tucked into a corner.
I’m everybody’s hero, though, when I crack open a container of food and the drinks are always on the house… or the floor, but who’s counting?

9:35 am – Woot! Go me! I backed up into the corner of the dishwasher door and hit the back right side of my knee and now the front left side of my kneecap hurts.

11:28 am –

Today I want to say THANK YOU to all of our military men and women. Those who have served, and those who still serve, you are ALL appreciated each and every day and you deserve so much more than what you are given.

From my family to you and yours… THANK YOU today and EVERY day.

3:04 pm – I need another me, or three! Trying to catch up on my personal website & blog, online biz stuff, trying to improve my companies website, trying to home school a kiddo, trying to refill my depleted fragrance sample inventory and get ready to make some tea lights, trying to get some chainmaille creations in the works for holiday shopping, trying to keep up with a menagerie of cats and keep the house clean and it’s just not a-happenin’ today lol

3:08 pm –

Tinker: I ate your dried floral arrangement.
Me: ugh, bad kitt…
Tinker: /puke

Is it bed time yet?

Wednesday 11-12-14
4:45 pm – Whoohoo! Got a little more done on my TruVision website 🙂 

6:12 pm – Mystic is trying to catch my mouse pointer lol

6:42 pm –

Thursday 11-13-14
9:47 am – First freeze last night, and even though the forecast and radar showed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about precipitation of any kind it even “rained” odd little ice balls.. I wouldn’t exactly call it hail, and it wasn’t wet, so I wouldn’t call it sleet either… was just odd. I guess the sky was just falling. lol
The worst part (for me) about cold weather is all the frozen water buckets for the outdoor critters. Can’t use the hose because everything’s disconnected and shut off so the outdoor pipes don’t freeze so I have to lug heavy buckets around in the cold. Sucks. LOL

4:49 pm – Got my liked pages cleaned out as best I could (Facebook is still hiding about 700 of them from me, ugh) and now it’s time to “Like” what I really want to like and support my friends pages, too!
I’ve been going through all the invites y’all have sent me and “liking” all the kid safe stuff.. still have a big list to go through so bear with me as I don’t want to get put in FB jail for “liking too fast” lol, but I would love for y’all to return the favor on a few of my pages if you haven’t already (Yes, I know I need to update most of them) (No, I don’t expect you to like them all, but I certainly won’t complain if you do! LOL)
Fairy Busy Mommy
Just Gotta Have TruVision with Fairy Fit Mommy
SoyL Scents – Lady of the Soy
Deni & The Pets
Lilla Rose – Fairy Mommy’s Flexi Hair Clips
The Fairy Essentials
Give Me Jerky
IceMyst Designs Chainmaille

American Serenade with Deni
Fairy Rustic Gifts, Fashion & Accessories

Friday 11-14-14
1:18 pm  – Walking through my house I find myself singing the “African Lion Safari” song in my head. I turn into the kitchen and get pounced by a mighty kitten (Onyx). I pass around the bar and get charged at by Merlin & Tinker who are in the middle of a fast paced game of tag and tumble which inevitably ends up between my feet as I’m trying to walk. I come back to the couch only to get my ankle assaulted by mystery paws under the stool as I accidentally sit on a Pixie tail.

3:35 pm – OMG… y’all gotta try the Caramel Turtle Hot Cocoa mix from Kathy Johnson! Check out her page and GET SOME! Affordable Mixes The Gourmet Cupboard by Kathy Johnson
YUM!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner. Can’t wait to try the Peanut Butter Cup one next!

Saturday 11-15-14
2:34 pm – The only thing that sucks about cool weather weekends is that I spend most of it outside by the fire without a clock and keep forgetting to eat because I rarely get hungry. LOL

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