Fairy’s Log 2014: November 30th – December 6th

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Fairy's Log 2014 November 30th - December 6th

Sunday 11-30-14
10:20 am – Last Day of November? Check!
Fall Leaves? Check!
Windows Wide Open? Why yes, yes they are! LOL

10:39 am – Doing laundry at my house.Cats & Laundry | Fairy Busy Mommy


10:41 am – Eating dinner at my house.Cats & Dinner | Fairy Busy Mommy


10:47 am – Opening windows at my house.

Cats & Windows | Fairy Busy Mommy


3:20 pm – All of the kittens are finally big enough to hold their own with the ferrets. It is a mad house in here. There are flashes of black and tan bouncing all over the living room.

3:23 pm – omg… I have a couple of one gallon “gravity feed” water bottles for the cats and the ferret is trying to swim up into the bottle :-/

Monday 12-1-14
11:14 am – Trying to pay my mortgage payment by phone and they put me on hold where I am now stuck listening to a VERY VERY SLOW version of Pachelbel’s Cannon which I enjoy but it typically either makes me cry or puts me to sleep… so since I’m not at a wedding I’m falling asleep… why am I on the phone again? /yawn

12:06 pm – Sooooo much to do and all it takes is one twist of a wrench in the works to turn on a thick layer of brain fog and make me lose all my focus.
Ah well.. at least I fed the kid & critters and paid the mortgage.. those were the most important things that needed to be done today.
Oh look.. it’s already lunch time.. guess I need to feed the kid again and start on schooling.
Goodbye day.. not sure where you went already… /sigh

5:08 pm – Wow.. just heard that Lia Sophia is shutting it’s doors (no idea why) and I am absolutely disgusted by how many direct sales consultants are hounding the Lia Sophia consultants on their company page… These ladies are JUST finding out that they are losing their income and they are being spammed to death by other company’s consultants. Join my team! Join my team! Sorry you just got screwed.. come join my company! Oh you just bought a kit? Tough luck… come buy MY kit now!
Dang guys… back off. You look like desperate vultures and I, for one, would never want to support a consultant who acted like that. Have a little respect for the people who are probably hurting A LOT right now. I am quite sure that the majority of them know there are other opportunities out there and will seek something out when they are done reeling from the smack in the face they just received from the company they trusted.

Tuesday 12-2-14
8:06 am – Holy Pound Dropage, Batman!!!! I’m down THREE POUNDS since yesterday morning (and YES I’m eating real food! LOL)
THANK YOU ‪#‎TruVision‬!!!
Y’all seriously need to try this!! /happy dancin’
Just Gotta Have TruVision with Fairy Fit Mommy

10:37 am – I don’t know about y’all but I’m in a REALLY GOOD MOOD and I’ve been happy dancin’ my butt off today… /happy dances

11:50 am – This candle and this ring = Total Awesome. The scent is just pure candy deliciousness but not overwhelmingly sweet at all. I am definitely going to have to get more of this before it’s gone! It’s sugary plums and dark cherries and it’s AWESOME and making me want to drool. Help need a bib!! STAT! LOL
It kind of reminds me of those rainbow colored cherry candy canes… hmm.. I need to get some of those!
The ring? A little blurry, but it’s PURPLE SPARKLIES!
And did you see the FAIRY?! :- D Yeah.. LOVE IT!Sugar Plum Fairy Candle | Fairy Busy Mommy12:57 pm – Can barely see my laptop at the moment… Missy (my cranky oldest kitty) decided that she would climb up into my lap.. regardless of lack of empty space, stand on my stomach/chest and proceed to growl at the cat (Tinker) sleeping on the couch next to me. She’s just standing here… in my face… grumbling away like I’m not even here just staring at Tinker… how dare he sleep there. Somebody needs a hug. /kittysquish!

1:26 pm – It would appear that the child and I are having simultaneous cat vs laptop issues. The cats are winning… neither one of us are getting anything accomplished. lol

5:46 pm – I’ve got a long way to go still but I’m definitely making progress!!!
/happy dancin’Weight Loss Progress | Fairy Busy Mommy


Thursday 12-4-14
2:03 pm – Magic is believing in your own ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Never give up on your own Inner Magic! Do YOU Believe? I do!

7:45 pm – I can’t help but smile and giggle as I think about how surrounded my little family is by cats. As I write this I have two kittens in my lap and a Senior kitty draped across my feet. My husband just un-buried himself from two cats to get up and check the wood stove in the barn and feed all the barn cats.. by now he probably has at least two of them in his lap or wrapped around his feet. Even the 5 year old has two cats draped across his lap as he plays a pirate counting game on his MobiGo. Two more cats sit at the front porch door staring at me because it’s time for their dinner and they’re quite sure I need to untangle myself from the kitten pile now.
Some people may think of it as crazy, but I honestly have to say that the stress levels in my household have SIGNIFICANTLY dropped over the past year as the number of cats has increased. I am 100% convinced that cats have healing properties and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
Now excuse me… there are hungry kitties giving me dirty looks from all angles…. if they say it’s okay I might be back later

Friday 12-5-14
7:45 am – Whoohoo!!! Yeehaw!! Hot Diggity! I’m rich!!
GoDaddy just sent me 2 cents!
For the life of me I can’t figure out why… LOL

1:48 pm – Made a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese for the first time in several months and had to force myself to eat a few spoonfuls so I didn’t have to make something else! Golly it was AWFUL. I used to like that stuff. /gag

4:55 pm – 1) It is 76 degrees out.
2) I placed a TruVision order this morning… It shipped an hour ago!

Saturday 12-6-14
9:44 am – 8 Cats? Check
1 Husband? Check
1 Laser Pointer? Check
Mayhem? Big time.

10:54 am – Yeah, they’re MY cats. LOL Pixie & her kittens have hijacked my rocker.

This Chair Is Taken | Fairy Busy Mommy



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