Fairy’s Log 2014: November 2nd – November 8th

Fairy's Log 2014 November 2nd - November 8th
Sunday 11-2-14
7:34 am –

10:07 am – It’s a blurry picture and one cat is only partially visible, but here’s PROOF that there are 6 black cats in my house!
Do you know how HARD it is to get 6 black cats in ONE picture, especially when 5 of them are less than 8 months old ?
If I had been able to back up about 3 more feet, I would have been able to get Xerox and Missy in the picture, too. They were both immediately to the right of this bunch. LOLSix Black Cats

Monday 11-3-14
11:25 am – Stupid chickens… got an approximately 1 week old baby chicken running around out there in the now cold weather. Ahh Texas… gotta love it. Even the birds can’t keep up with the weather. LOL

Wednesday 11-5-14
8:27 am – The only thing that sucks about the rain is that it knocks out my internet. on off on off on off on off… yesterday I gave up trying… NEED to get stuff done today so hopefully it’s more on than off!
Biz Buds I’m not ignoring ya, I’m just swamped and trying to get caught up!

10:42 am – ugh. Kiddo is doing his online homeschool program and it’s doing christmas songs
It’s too darn early for that!

Thursday 11-6-14
9:33 am – House smells like a candy, bakery, floral, new age, Christmas shoppe. LOL
Who can guess what time it is?

9:44 am – It’s time to make the SoyL Scents consultant Binder Samples! Had a “flash sale” this past weekend and y’all wiped me out! Rock on, Team!
SoyL Scents – Lady of the Soy
SoyL Scents Fragrance Samples

11:32 am – The only thing I HATE about making samples is that it all smells so good it gets my mouth watering and then I get PAINFULLY hungry and feel the need to eat!
At least I’m ALMOST done for this round and it’s ALMOST lunch time!
omg… /starving!

11:37 am – I need 24 Funky Monkey’s! STAT!

1:23 pm – And now back to our regularly scheduled programming… where was I?
OH yeah!!! LUNCH!!! I’m flippin’ STARVIN’!
Then…. it’s time for some SASSY Cinnamon! /sizzle!

2:55 pm – fragrance shortage restocked! Let the shipping resume! weeeeeee!

3:30 pm – Precious Cargo 🙂
Precious Cargo

3:54 pm – 13 weeks old and still SPOILED by their Mama. LOL

Spoiled Kittens
Honestly, I absolutely LOVE that this little family is still together and will never be separated.
Totally Spoiled Kittens

7:47 pm – So I’m being bad again and having another little piece of mint ice cream pie and Onyx wants to try it. I held up a little dab of whipped cream and instead of licking it he stuck his nose in it and now he can’t find it.
Whipped Cream Kitty Nose

Saturday 11-8-14
8:07 am – Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend!!!
I love weekends because my husband is home and now that the weather is cooler we both get to enjoy being outside instead of him being outside soaking up the Texas heat and me being inside hiding from it. I can go outside and enjoy the cool air and he loves being able to have the fire going so it’s perfect! Plus the bugs and snakes are gone so I don’t have to worry about the kiddo getting eaten alive, which is always a good thing..

8:38 am – I woke up with a guitar riff and drum beat in my head and all I knew was that it was Led Zeppelin. For the life of me I couldn’t think of any words or the name so I hopped on YouTube and pulled up a list of Led Zeppelin songs and of course I knew EXACTLY what was in my head the moment I saw the name… “Kashmir”. I happened to click on this one, and I gotta say that even after what? around 50 years? these guys STILL rock.
I think this was from 2012.