Fairy’s Log 2014: November 23rd – November 29th

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Fairy's Log 2014 November 23rd - November 29th

Sunday 11-23-14
8:45 am – ROFLAMO! Because no one throughout all of history ever looked down to read a novel, draw on a sketch pad, write in a notepad, study from a school book, knit, embroider, crochet, play solitaire, make a friendship bracelet from a pin on their pant leg…. really people? Have you seen this? Latest affliction caused by digital devices: ‘tech neck’

/rolls eyes

Yeah, I think people spend too much time texting instead of living real life, but this is ridiculous.

10:42 am – Wow… someone must really like or hate my blog…. 51 attempts (that haven’t scrolled out of the log yet) from the same person (or bot) at hacking into my blog during the past 3 hours. Guess who’s IP address has been blocked? LOL

I didn’t realize my blog was that attention worthy. In fact, I’m kind of behind and lacking in content lately…not that it was that great to begin with, but hey.. I have fun when I can actually think of stuff to write.
Gotta love Bloggers’s Block.

5:05 pm – Well the kiddo WAS playing outside in his porch sandbox, but then the wind picked up and started throwing decently heavy wood chairs around on the porch so I figured I should make the kiddo come back inside before he either got a concussion or blew away! o.0

Monday 11-24-14
9:41 am – I recently read that adding a tsp of REAL butter (not the fake junk) to your coffee helps with weight-loss (among other things) so I am trying it.
I don’t know if it works, but it sure does taste YUMMY!!!

9:58 am – Yay!! I had thought that Snickerdoodle (the stray cat that adopted us at the beginning of the year) had either gotten himself killed or had wandered off for good (he’s been gone for about 2 weeks, and he usually only disappears for a couple days) but he just hopped up on to the kitty castle on the front porch and started yelling at me I gave him some nums and had a good forehead bump with him and told him not to stay away so long next time. Silly kitty. LOL
I am sure Monster will be glad he’s back. They’re buds 🙂

4:18 pm – 192 down, 393 to go… weeeeeeeee!

4:35 pm – Ow. Kitty claws in the butt… just sat on Tinker. lol
Of course he didn’t move, except to flex his claws into my rear… now he’s asleep again.

6:14 pm – Sending my awesome husband to the post office with a bunch of TruVision trial pack orders tomorrow… if you want one sent out order NOW, so I can pack them and have them ready for him to take in the morning! I’m going to bed at 9 CST! LOL

7:47 pm – Just a few more days and I can stop being irritated by the presence of christmas stuff lol

Tuesday 11-25-14
8:15 am – So I didn’t sleep good because I found out a friend was in ICU last night and even though we never got to meet face to face and don’t talk as much as we used to I still care about her and I’m worried about her.
This morning I got up and made a cup of coffee, then set it on the counter to take care of the kiddo and all the critters. When I got back to my coffee, it was smiling at me.
I think it’s trying to tell me not to worry…

Coffee Smiles


12:43 pm – I wonder if I should make some more of these, or similar ones anyways… still have a bunch of some of these colors left to work with… maybe some earrings… /ponderTruVision Chainmaille | Fairy Busy Mommy



Wednesday 11-26-14
9:55 am – I DON’T WANT TO BE SICK!!! I’m already behind on my work 🙁

Thursday 11-27-14

Friday 11-28-14
8:41 am – Despite forgetting my afternoon dose of truvision, despite a big plate full of oh-so-delicious food, despite 2 heavily frosted with both (Gevalia white chocolate and buttercream frosting) cookies, a piece of pecan FUDGE pie and multiple cups of coffee with milk & sugar, and only just barely half my normal water intake… I did not gain a single pound 😀

8:42 am – Now… for those of you crazy enough to leave the house today, look out for the REALLY crazy people and please please please please be nice to the store employees no matter how cranky they may be. They do NOT want to be there and have probably already been beat into the ground by enough lunatics this morning already! Happy Shopping
I’ll be posting my specials shortly! LOL

9:02 pm – Take a break from the shopping and go to bed! Have a great night, y’all!

Saturday 11-29-14
8:11 am – Good Morning!!! Happy Small Business Saturday! Today is an awesome day to shop… SKIP WalMart, SKIP Toys-R-US, SKIP Hallmark and instead TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR FRIENDS.
You’d be surprised how many of your friend’s own their own small business or businesses and could really use YOUR support this holiday season.
The “big guys” get plenty of business… so step away from them for a bit and support the “little guys” instead… The stay at home moms and dads, the single parents with multiple jobs trying to make ends meet, the young adults trying to pay their own way through college, the retired neighbors just looking for some extra cash because social security just doesn’t quite cut it… There are so many people YOU KNOW out there just trying to get through the day so look around you and see who you can help this year by shopping with THEM instead of the big corporations.
I will be sharing MY small businesses in a separate post so be sure to take a peek and see if I have anything you’d love to have or give as a gift this year!
Now.. go check out some more of your friend’s profiles and see what THEY have to offer you! And remember, if you can’t shop SHARE (or at least give them a “like” to help keep their post in the newsfeed)

11:41 am – No disassemble Johnny 5!

Aaron is in the process of taking apart my Keurig. It died and I am trying to decide whether or not I want to replace it. I read a few articles about people finding mold and gunk inside their’s when they took it apart so if I see anything like that in mine, I probably will not get another. If mine is good, I will have to just assume the people in the article did not know how to clean their Keurig properly and/or had really crappy water.

Time to go take a peek in the shop and see what we find!

12:10 pm – And the results are in!!
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the inside of my Keurig. Everything is clean as it should be and it is at least 4 years old.
Not only that, but Aaron got the pump working again so I can use the Kalhua K-Cups I bought the day before it quit working on me.

My conclusion? If there is crap in your Keurig.. you probably just need to clean it better and don’t use tap water. I’ve only used bottled water in mine and I clean it frequently.

3:28 pm – You know it’s almost winter when you’re sitting outside in flip flops eating a king size freeze pop?

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