Fairy’s Log 2014: November 16th – November 22nd

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Fairy's Log 2014 November 16th - November 22nd

Sunday 11-16-14
8:45 am – Here! Have an ear worm! 
Woke up with this in my head for some reason… haven’t heard it in FOREVER… So now I pass it on to y’all  😀
10:25 am – Misery loves company so here’s some TMI for you…
Pixie’s farts stink /gag
bad kitty

10:35 am – Need an opinion from my DS friends. I had someone contact me about one of my companies and she asked me some questions. I answered her and then she replies back that she found a consultant in her state and shopped with them. But now she’s asking me a bunch more questions.
I’m kind of torn between wanting to be helpful, because that’s just who I am and being irritated by the fact that she shopped with someone else but she wants ME to spend my time answering all her questions instead of asking the person she shopped with.
Should I keep helping her or tell her to talk to the person she shopped with? What would you do?
**UPDATE: I decided to direct her to the consultant she shopped with, I later found out that this person has been taking advantage of other DS consultants, so I am glad I decided not to assist her any further**

1:41 pm – Beverage Selfie!
Aaron made me Sassafrass 🙂Beverage Selfie | Fairy Busy MommyMonday 11-17-14
8:04 am – Ice Ice Baby!

8:08 am – It done snowed in Texas 🙂 LOL
The ground is all ice.

First Snow Winter 2014 | Fairy Busy Mommy

12:45 pm – It’s amazing how so many things can change with so many things and so many people just because of one little conversation that you really didn’t think meant anything at all when the conversation began.

5:30 pm – Laughing my butt off over here because my husband is “stuck” with a sleeping cat in his lap. Tinker is soooo asleep that nothing is waking him up. Aaron doesn’t’ want to just get up and “dump him” so he’s trying to wake him up by messing with his paws and his ears and his lips and Tinker is just out cold.. he’s shifting slightly and even purring, but he refuses to wake up. LOL

7:41 pm – I got double kitten-napped… I’m gonna be here a while LOL

Double Kitten-napped | Fairy Busy Mommy


Tuesday 11-18-14
2:02 pm – I just want 20 minutes of total silence!!! Is that too much to ask?! Heck! I’ll settle for 10… 5… 30 freaking seconds??? Anybody want a 5 year old?!
/bangs head on wall

Wednesday 11-19-14
9:56 am – Hello Brain Dead,
Your coffee cup is sitting on your laptop tray right next to your right hand.. you bumped your fingers on it when you moved your mouse. Why on earth were you wandering around the house trying to find it just now?

*Note to self… might need more coffee today….*

2:54 pm – Can’t focus today. Lost my coffee cup when it was 2″ away from my hand earlier and now I can’t remember any of the stuff I was trying to get done today. Go me.
Guess I’ll go do dishes and laundry. weeeee

3:31 pm – Silly Mystic!I don't always... | Fairy Busy Mommy


4:16 pm – /happy tears


Thursday 11-20-14
8:20 am – It’s going to get crazy in here soon… 6 identical black cats…. once all the kittens are grown up I’m not going to be able to tell them all apart from a distance! At least they have a couple VERY SMALL identifying marks that I can see when they’re close lol

8:32 pm – Came out of the bedroom and Merlin was sitting on a little table that is tucked in a corner next to the door. He was just at the right level so I decided I was gonna mess with him and kiss his nose. He wasn’t gonna go for it so as I leaned in he leaned back, and back, and back, until he tipped over into the corner and ended up on his butt with his back feet and tail sticking straight out in front of him and an expression of “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, WOMAN?!” on his little kitty face. LOL
Of course I had to scoop him up and give him a proper snuggle after that. 🙂

Friday 11-21-14
9:02 am – Holy High Speed Cat Traffic Batman!!! I think we need to install safety nets on the kitty skyways… and I don’t mean for THEM! I fear for my scalp!

9:16 am – So I hear a lot of splashing and commotion on the porch… there’s a duck swimming in one of the dog water bowls. I tried to get a picture of her in the bowl, but she saw me and moved. I lay down on the floor (which I don’t usually do) and immediately, and quite literally, got covered in cats. With 2 kittens and a Tinker on my backside and a Pixie sniffing at my head I “army crawled” as carefully as I could to the door to see if I could stay unseen enough for the duck to get back in the bowl, but then Xerox caught on so the jig was up… Either way I did get a cute picture.Xerox Reflects | Fairy Busy Mommy


11:39 am – It’s a good thing I decided not to go back to school until the kiddo is older. I have been trying to take a quiz for one of my businesses for the past HOUR AND A HALF and getting ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE because I can’t get a minute’s peace. I give up.

Saturday 11-22-14
8:17 am – Kiddo found a channel on the Roku and all it is is short clips of people lecturing their sad looking dogs for chewing stuff up or making a mess.
What the heck? lol

10:00 am – Possums are surprisingly soft.

12:23 pm – Homemade chicken noodle soup on a nice cool semi-rainy day. 🙂

1:15 pm – I swear Salem is addicted to my SoyL Scents stuff… EVERY time I break out a candle or start working on samples, or heck… even just pull out all the jars to check wax inventory (which I am doing now) he gets right in the middle of it and wants to smell all the scents. He WAS sleeping on the skyway up until now. I have to work at the bar while standing where he can’t reach me so he doesn’t actually stick his nose or paws in the wax. LOL

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