Fairy’s Log 2014: June 29th – July 5th

Fairy's Log 2014 June 29th - July 5th | Fairy Busy Mommy

Sunday 6-29-14
10:22 am – Even the cats are enjoying the new ice cream machine. LOL
Icecream Cats | Fairy Busy Mommy

12:36 pm – Sandcream Sundae

Sandcream Sundae | Fairy Busy Mommy

Monday 6-27-14
9:09 am – Happy 7 Years “Hitched” to the Bestest Husband in the whole wide world!!!
I love you, Aaron!! Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for always being my Hero and my Best Friend!
The Most Awesomest Husband | Fairy Busy Mommy

Tuesday 7-1-14
7:07 am – Aaron got my Keurig working Sunday, so I broke open the brand new box of Kalhua K-Cups and had one. Of course yesterday the Keurig would not work (after I punctured another K-Cup in it) so I used a funnel and very carefully poured water through the K-Cup myself so I didn’t waste the dang thing. Today I’m not even gonna try. I’m just gonna glare at it until it explodes. Anyone need a box of Kalhua K-Cups minus two?

10:56 am – Dear Kittens, NO. You cannot help make scent samples. Mom

Wednesday 7-2-14
7:25 am – 20 down 50 to go 😉

1:35 pm – The girl in this picture is so me pre-Texas (and weight gain LOL)

I found this picture on Facebook

2:02 pm – Sometimes… just sometimes… being passionate about something seems like more headache than it’s worth. In those moments you have to step back and clear your head so that you can remember why you became so passionate about it all in the first place.

2:27 pm – Pour the wax, wait for the wax, pour the wax, wait for the wax, pour the wax, wait for the wax….. lalalalalalalala
Kid thinks I’m crazy. He’s not wrong.

4:10 pm – 40 down 30 to go!

5:24 pm – whoohooo!!! My Slim & Boost are here! Plexus Journey Part 2 starts tomorrow 😀

Thursday 7-3-14
9:00 am – Alrighty then! Lets get this show on the road 🙂 Had one pink drink right before dinner last night (just for the heck of it lol) and lost a pound since yesterday morning. (yea!)
Took all my measurements and a new set of “before” pics this morning. About to start the Slim/Boost combo now and can’t wait to see how it goes. Wish me luck!

12:56 pm – I just gotta say that I am soooo lucky to be married to a country boy ♥

2:16 pm – Playing around with the 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique again.. I did one eye for comparison and it looks great in the mirror but I have NO IDEA how you gals get your eyelash pictures so nice where you can actually SEE how nice your eyes look close up.. I took 50 gazillion pictures indoors and outdoors and this is the best I got. Most everything was just closeup of my ginorma-nose plfffttt… can you even tell which eye I did or that I also did half my face in BB Flawless? le sigh
/stomps foot
/demands someone become my personal on demand professional (but free) photographer.

Half Made Up | Fairy Busy Mommy
5:29 pm – 56 down 14 to go and I hereby quit for the weekend before my arm falls off LOL

Friday 7-4-14
8:54 am – Happy Independence Day, Y’all!!
Be sure to Thank A Soldier for your Freedom today ♥

Saturday 7-5-14
8:08 am – Aaron and I had fun doing fireworks with kiddo’s Gramma Cindy and Cousin Baeli last night. Kiddo was in ‘soldier mode’ and every time a firework went boom he ran back behind everybody yelling ‘Fall back! Retreat!’

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