Fairy’s Log 2014: July 6th – July 12th

Fairy's Log 2014 July 6th - July 12th | Fairy Busy Mommy


Sunday 7-06-14
9:27 am – HA! There was a little smudge of chocolate sorbet on the floor by the garbage can and the kittens were thoroughly bothered by it. They both tried for quite a while to cover it by scratching at the floor around it.

Tuesday 7-08-14
8:46 pm – 70 down and NONE to go! That is… of course… unless you count the 1,120 labels I need to print and apply now… ay yi yi! Good Night Moon!!!! 😀

Wednesday 7-09-14
1:48 pm – Got one of those headaches where every sound and movement is killing me and I can’t focus on anything. I tried to read an article seven times before I just had to give up and bookmark it for later.
Can we say “Highly Unproductive Day”? :-/

4:54 pm – How to thoroughly freak out your house cats.: Start jogging laps around the kitchen/living room bar.

Thursday 7-10-14
10:29 am – Ha. Got a new battery for my FitBit (FINALLY) and just pedaled away on my stationary bike and it didn’t track any of it. It only tracks when I walk… I guess anything other than walking isn’t really exercise LOL

11:25 am – Throwback Thursday from summer 2004… I WILL BE THAT SKINNY GIRL AGAIN. I know I can! I know I can! I know I can!!!!!!
That Skinny Girl | Fairy Busy Mommy

12:18 pm – Kiddo completed Level 1 of what I call his “getting used to homeschooling” lessons. 🙂

2:19 pm – My cutie and my hottie

A Cutie & A Hottie | Fairy Busy Mommy
4:34 pm – Nothing like some bouncy old school 80’s goth rock or whatever the heck you wanna call it to get you MOVING! 75 minutes of cardio today. I think I shall go pass out now. LOL

8:45 pm – Okay remind me not to watch anything else where Grandma gets killed off to save the Grandkid(s). Going to bed with a mega headache from bawling for the past 40 minutes :-/

Friday 7-11-14

7:30 am – Up a pound today, but down everywhere in inches, so I won’t complain. 🙂

8:45 am – Who needs a fly swatter when you have twin kittens? The boys are going nuts over a fly. I am quite sure that everything in my house is going to be shredded or knocked over by the time they catch it.

9:22 am – Okay the dang Black Hawk helicopters have GOT to find a new route!!! There is a group of four of them that fly by here OFTEN and every time they come through my whole dang house shakes and I go flying out the door because I’m sure a train is about to take us out. They’re so low I could probably hit the pilot with a marshmallow if I threw one at him.

2:36 pm – Well I’ve got Good News and Bad News…
Here’s the Bad News… Younique’s moisturizer, Brilliant, which I happen to LOVE using, is being retired. 🙁
If you LOVE this product like I do, stock up now! When it’s gone it’s gone!
Brilliant by Younique | Fairy Busy Mommy

The Good News is that it’s being replaced with something even better this Fall so we have something to look forward to once Brilliant supplies run out.
Stock up on Brilliant NOW while supplies last at www.YouniqueByDeni.com

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