Fairy’s Log 2014: July 20th – July 26th

Fairy's Log 2014 July 20th - July 26th | Fairy Busy Mommy

Monday 7-21-14
12:01 pm – ROFL! I found a Cat station on my Roku player. There’s videos OF cats and videos FOR cats. Here kitty kitty!

1:03 pm – When you have 13 cats (with more on the way) it’s REALLY NICE having your cat food delivered to your front door. I love Life’s Abundance!

Thursday 7-24-14
1:58 pm – Is it just me or is anyone else all oooooh fifty shades of blah blah blah WHATEVER?

2:22 pm – There is just something inherently wrong with a vampire that SPARKLES in the sun instead of bursting into flame. I mean…. if you don’t want him to do what vampires DO… don’t call him a vampire!

5:24 pm  – Tinker discovered that I’ve been watching kittens on netflix in anticipation of our new arrivals and he’s been hooked for the past 20 minutes.

Tinker TV Cat|Fairy Busy Mommy8:41 pm – Being able to feel Pixie’s kittens moving around in her belly is beyond cool! I can’t wait to see them!!!

Friday 7-25-14
2:31 pm – Just had to pluck the twins out of the dishwasher. At least I got all the CLEAN dishes out before THEY got in. KITTENS!

Saturday 7-26-14
7:01 pm – Aaron made a buttercream cake with chocolate frosting and then he made chocolate ice cream. I am extremely lucky and extremely doomed.

If anyone needs me… Check back next week cuz I’m going to be in a sugar induced coma for the next 3 days.

8:36 pm – Stepped over & around a bunch of cats and went outside to walk off some of this chocolate and had to laugh at the cats draped all over & under our trucks. Silly felines. You’d think this was some kind of cat sanctuary or something.

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