Fairy’s Log 2014: July 13th – July 19th

Fairy's Log 2014 July 13th - July 19th | Fairy Busy Mommy

Monday 7-13-14
9:39 am – Holy Crapoly! Looking at Home Depot to get a ballpark price on a new garbage disposal and they range from about $75 – $2,500!!! Why on Earth would you buy a $2,500 garbage disposal?
My husband says it probably recycles the food and makes it new again! LOL

Tuesday 7-14-14
8:35 am – A less “traditional” version of our National Anthem but every bit as good! Rock on America! 🙂

9:58 am – I have strawberries, I have milk. I need a smoothie/milkshake recipe that doesn’t require too many other ingredients. Everything I’ve found so far requires bananas and yogurt.. I hate bananas and I don’t have yogurt… Who’s got something useful for me? 1, 2, 3 GO!

10:29 am – Watch this. NOW. I’m NOT kidding.

10:46 am – I will probably end up writing a post in an hour or two about how I coated my entire kitchen with strawberries and cream, so check back later 😉

Wednesday 7-15-14
8:42 am – It is the middle of July… in Texas… and I have the windows open. I’m enjoying a really nice cool breeze blowing through the house while listening to songs of birds and the many sets of windchimes that my husband made and hung throughout the yard and woods. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL morning.

Thursday 7-17-14
8:10 am – It has been raining for the past 7 hours and doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. YEAH!!! Fill the pond!!! Fill the pond!!!

11:50 am – Did a search for “Food grade diatomaceous earth” and google shopping gives me: “Enfamil Premium Infant Formula, Powder, 0-12 months – 2 pack, 16.6 oz pouches”

12:46 pm – It’s bad enough when your cat decides to drink YOUR water with his tongue…. but when he’s a PAW DRINKER? double ew.
At least there’s plenty of room in HIS water bowl to dump my cup and start over.

6:46 pm – OKay so USUALLY… you gain weight throughout the day as you eat and drink (which is why you should always weigh yourself first thing in the morning for the most accurate result)… I have lost almost a pound since this morning. I have had breakfast and lunch and a small snack as well as a cup of coffee, a cup of milk and 8 cups of water so it’s not like I’m starving. I must be eating anti-grav food LOL

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