Fairy’s Log 2014: August 17th – August 23rd

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Fairy's Log 2014 August 17th - August 23rd | Fairy Busy Mommy

Monday 8-17-14
9:25 am – 8 days on the Shake The Crave 90-day challenge and I’ve lost 2.4 lbs and am getting my energy back. Woot!

8:12 pm


Tuesday 8-18-14
8:26pm – It’s a cat. In a shark suit. On a vacuum.

Wednesday 8-19-14
9:20 am – I need to rip out all my carpet just so I can get one of these vacuums! I wonder how many of my cats would try to ride it…. LOL

12:08 pm – Kid is in the porch sandbox. All the critters (excluding the chickens of course) are sleeping. It’s sooooo nice and peaceful in here. I’m going to enjoy all 5 minutes of it!!! (while it lasts!) LOL

12:50 pm – Shake Shake Shake! Shake Shake Shake! Shake your lunch-y!

8:25 pm – Doing Laundry in a Crazy Cat Lady House
Step 1: Gather laundry
Step 2: Remove cat from laundry pile
Step 3: Insert laundry into washer
Step 4: Count cats
Step 5: Remove cat (or two) from washer
Step 6: Close washer
Step 7: Re-count cats
Step 8: Run washer
Step 9: Insert laundry into drier
Step 10: Count cats
Step 11: Remove cat (or two) from drier
Step 12: Close drier
Step 13: Re-count cats
Step 14: Run drier
Step 15: Insert laundry into basket
Step 16: Remove cats from basket
Step 17: Remove more cats from basket
Step 18: Fold cat into bath towel
Step 19: Remove cat from folded bath towel
Step 20: Give up, toss laundry back in basket with cat(s)

Thursday 8-20-14
12:02 pm  – Gonna be one of those days. I think I’ll have another cup. Hell make it 40. :-/

Friday 8-21-14
7:25 am – For the longest time I’ve been having odd nightmares/dreams where I know I’m asleep and I can’t wake up. In most of them I’m trying to get away from someone or something and I can barely move and I can’t scream or yell or anything so I make no progress. I end up actually making noise in my sleep, sometimes successfully yelling, sometimes moaning (because in the dream I can’t even open my mouth) or sometimes lashing out physically until my husband wakes me up. In the early days of our relationship I gave him a few bruised ribs from kicking him in the middle of the night. (Sorry baby! Love you!!) He has since learned to recognize when I’ve been hit by one of these dreams (luckily it’s not frequently) and he wakes me up pretty quick. (thank you thank you thank you!!)

Anyways… I had a “mini” one last night and it was really pathetic. I was in a boat (like a row boat or something low to the water) trying to get away from a swimming bear. (wth?) My only defense was an empty milk jug (seriously?) and I just kept bopping the bear on the head with the milk jug (bop! take that beastie!! bop bop bop!!) and couldn’t do anything else or stop doing THAT, the whole time thinking “wake up, idiot! wake up! this is pathetic! pick up the oars and row or something, stupid!”

I don’t get it. Life, what are you trying to tell me? LOL

3:25 pm – Have I mentioned how much I love my Young Living essential oils? Lavender diffusing at night, Lemon in my water in the morning, Peppermint in my water after dinner, Stress Away or Peace & Calming on my wrists while I work, need I go on? /happy sigh ♥

5:49 pm – Plugins and Widgets and Tags, Oh My! It’s break time!

Saturday 8-22-14
11:40 am – OMG! Do I LOOK like a man? Do I need to start posting pictures of my b**bs everywhere? QUIT contacting me with info about how to increase the size of my non-existent p**is!! Dear internet… you’re stupid!/headsmack

5:28 pm – Being groomed by two week old kittens tickles 😀

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