Product Review: Rock ‘N Learn DVD Videos – Kid Tested and Parent Approved!

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Over the past few weeks Cody and I have been watching one of the Rock”N Learn DVD Videos. Rock ‘N Learn is a company that creates educational music and videos that are fun for kids to learn with. They even have iPad applications for teaching kids to read with phonics. The company has been around for 24 years and has won over 100 awards for helping kids with preschool topics, along with math, social studies, languages and even science.

The video we’ve been watching is one of their preschool selections for ages 2 – 5 that teaches the alphabet. Cody was already pretty good at singing The Alphabet Song and recognizing just about all of the letters easily, but with Rock ‘N Learn’s Alphabet Al he’s become even better at it.

Rock 'n' Learn Alphabet Al | Fairy Busy Mommy

The first time we watched the video I was a little disappointed because it starts out singing the alphabet to a very different tune than the one we’re all familiar with. I thought that it would make it more confusing for Cody to keep his letters straight having to re-learn them to a different tune, but I think it just made him focus on it more. He stayed pretty glued (almost literally) to the TV throughout the entire video.

While he doesn’t have the Rock N’ Learn tune memorized yet to sing on his own, he can sing along with it just fine while we’re watching the video and even pronounces some of the letters more clearly now, like “x” and “s” and the “lmnop” chain, which even some adults still stumble over in the regular tune. (You know you do, admit it… it’s like a little alphabet tongue twister right there!)

Alphabet Al first goes over the Uppercase Letters, showing and highlighting each letter on the screen as they sing their song. Then they sing the song again displaying the Lowercase Letters. After that he addresses each letter individually in both it’s uppercase and lowercase forms and they sing a song using words that begin with that letter while showing a picture of the object that the word represents and the spelling of the word (ex: a picture of an igloo along with the written word “igloo”).

The program continues with a game to help children recognize letters in different fonts. (handwritten vs type, fancy vs simple, etc) highlighting all letters that are the same with one color and asking the child to find all of the ‘A’s’ or ‘T’s’ and say what color they are. Then they play a ‘stand up / sit down’ game with boy & girl names beginning with each letter of the alphabet. After a round of the Traditional Alphabet Song, the program closes with a lesson on printing each upper and lowercase letter and each number from 0-9.

Rock 'n' Learn Guitar | Fairy Busy Mommy

My son is a huge fan of music, so this is one of those videos that he asks me to play for him over and over again…he even breaks out his guitar for jam sessions. As with any program that children insist on watching 7000 times in the span of 2 days it will get old (to the parents, not the kids) after awhile but I must say this is one of the less ‘annoying’ kids videos. The music is pleasant, non-invasive, parent-friendly and catchy enough to sing along with, but won’t get stuck on repeat in your head no matter how many time your child plays it. While Al’s voice IS one of those ‘obnoxious kids character voices’ (seriously, what kid’s show character doesn’t have an annoying voice?), it’s not high-pitched or overly exaggerated like most kid’s show characters are. He doesn’t shout everything at the kids or repeat himself a thousand times like some little girl with a monkey who shall rename nameless lest I accidentally summon her like Beetlejuice.

I have found that since we started watching this program that Cody has been paying closer attention to letters and words. He’s even started to actually SPELL things on his own and knows what he’s spelling, which is just AWESOME in my book. His word association is getting better and he’s recognizing when words are similar or start with the same letter and corrects me constantly when I try to mess with him and tell him that something is not what it really is. I tried reversing letters in the alphabet song on him and got in a lot of trouble. Every time I got it wrong he made me stop singing and start over from the beginning again and wouldn’t let me quit until I got the whole thing right. I almost had to go to my room but I wanted to be able to have ice cream after dinner so I decided to behave myself and sang it right and got a high five instead.

By the time he’s 5 he’s going to be editing my articles.

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