Product Review: OraMD is so COOL you’ll blow Ice Crystals!

Disclosure: I received these products for free for the purpose of writing a review. The opinions in this post are honest and my own.

I recently received a .5 oz container of a product called OraMD. OraMD is the STAR of a 4 step Oral Hygiene Program formulated by Trusted Health Products Inc. of Lexington, Kentucky. It is a complete oral hygiene system that replaces toothpaste, mouthwash and breath fresheners with ONE easy to use (pocket size!) product.

OraMD | Fairy Busy Mommy

When I first opened the bottle I was greeted by the awesome aroma of spearmint. I don’t know about you, but spearmint gum was always my favorite, so the fragrance actually made my mouth water and I couldn’t wait to try the product! After reading through the product information and directions, I dabbed a little on my finger tip and tapped the tip of my tongue for a taste test. It wasn’t exactly the flavor I was expecting from the aroma it gave off, but it wasn’t unpleasant either. It did, however, pack a heck of a punch! Woah baby! This stuff is MINTY! :mrgreen:

Here’s the thing… OraMD is made of 100% Pure Botanical Oils of Almond, Spearmint and Peppermint. We’re talking all natural MENTHOL, and this stuff WORKS!  That tiny little dab that I wiped on my tongue had me blowing ice crystals out of my mouth like a dragon breathes fire. Well.. okay, not really… but my breath was so minty fresh! I was seriously impressed. As a matter of fact, just writing about it makes me realize that I have Pepsi breath… I’ll be right back!

Okay, I’m back. Yeah, I know… that was quick. Did I not mention how quick and easy it is to use OraMD as a breath freshener yet? No? Oh.. sorry about that. Well, just so you know, it is SO QUICK and SO EASY to use OraMD as a breath freshener. The bottle fits nicely in my pocket so whenever I need a little breath saving, I just put a little drop on my finger, put it on my tongue and spread it around on my teeth and gums. No need to worry about where to throw a gum wrapper or where to spit out mouthwash… and better yet, no need to hide from the kid so you can open a container of breathmints without the kid begging for ‘candy’. Yeah… that right there? Priceless! That and the lack of extra sugar. No added sugar means no extra bad stuff working against you while you’re trying to freshen up either! You know, I never did understand that… sugar decays teeth… tooth decay creates bad breath (among other issues)… but there’s sugar in a lot of teeth cleaning and mouth freshening products… uh… something’s just not right there! /scratches head. 😯

Anyways… like I said above, way up there in the first paragraph, you can use OraMD as a toothpaste replacement and a mouthwash, too! I have to admit that I’m a stubborn creature of habit and I’ve been having a bit of a hard time getting used to using a couple drops of oil instead of toothpaste on my toothbrush. Don’t get me wrong here, the OraMD (I use 3 drops on my toothbrush) works GREAT as a ‘toothpaste’ and after using it instead of my regular paste I know my teeth & gums are grateful. It cleans and freshens just as good, if not better than just about any toothpaste I have ever used, but I don’t know… maybe it’s because I can’t see it on my toothbrush, or maybe I just like the bubbles that come with the paste… maybe I’m just weird. It wouldn’t be the first time!

Gargling is not my thing, in fact I am so unskilled at gargling that if I try, I choke myself to tears. It’s not pretty. I’m a swisher. Swish swish swish! This stuff is great for swishing. A few drops in an ounce of water, a swish here and a swish there and your teeth are swinging through the trees with that green stuff that sings jungle music. Oh COME ON. Surely some of you remember THAT commercial!

All in all, though it takes a little getting used to, I think OraMD is a great product. My husband says it has a nice smell, that it works good combined with toothpaste and that it would be a handy breath freshener. I guess I’ve been a bit stingy and probably should get him a bottle for his pocket, too!

If you’d like to learn more about OraMD you should check out their website and their facebook page.

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