Product Review: Mission Create Abilities – The Santa Claus

Disclosure: I received these products for free for the purpose of writing a review. The opinions in this post are honest and my own.

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Thanks to my friend, Lena, over at Karma Media Team I was given the opportunity to review a Create Abilities For Kids” Art Activity Kit. Create Abilities for Kids offers age-appropriate art kits for children of ages three, four and five via subscription starting at around $15.00 per month.  The Kit I received contained 2 projects rated for a 3 year old. Hey! Fancy that! I just so happen to have a 3 year old!! (Oh okay! I got to pick the age range for my kit… you hush.) The first project was a Triangle Santa and the second was a Collage Snowman. I decided to go with the Santa first because it only needed glue, whereas the Snowman called for glue and paint and a ton of tiny pieces of tissue paper and I wasn’t quite ready to deal with all that just yet. You can see some of their other kits on their facebook page.

Create Abilities Art Kit parts | Fairy Busy MommyEach Kit comes with everything you’ll need to complete the projects, including a large brown sheet of paper to cover your work space with. (My table is very grateful for that!) The pre-cut pieces were great because I didn’t have to worry about handing my 3 year old a pair of scissors. Not that I would have, but I know it would have been a fight because he’s a big boy and can do everything himself… or so he thinks. You know how it is.

So I laid out all the pieces, took a quick mental inventory and read through the directions. Easy peasy! Where’s the kid?

Ah! There he is… under the table harassing one of the cats. I should have known. It took me a minute but I managed to convince him that I had something more fun to do and he came to check it out. The first thing he did was grab the foam brush and start smacking everything like it was a hockey stick. Sigh. Not exactly what I had in mind, but at least he didn’t wander off. Boys… they’re just so BUSY! It took another minute to get him to to take a break with the ‘hockey stick’ and let me show him what we were going to do but as I opened up the glue container and started laying out the pieces where they needed to be he started getting curious and wanted to help.

DUNK. The entire foam brush was suddenly submerged in the glue. /headsmack

I temporarily confiscated the brush, wiped off most of the glue and asked him to help me put the glue on the big red triangle. He agreed and helped me hold the handle and we painted on some glue and then he helped me attach Santa’s head, belt and boots. Then I asked him where Santa’s nose was supposed to be and he looked at me like I must have been born yesterday.

“Mama. The nose goes HERE.” he said, and stabbed his finger down in the center of the circle piece.

Create Abilities Art Kit | Fairy Busy MommyGood thing HE knew because, seeing as I was apparently born yesterday, I’m new to this Santa assembly stuff. (Personally, I think he cheated and saw the picture, but it’s my word against his.) I handed him the little red pompom, dabbed a tiny bit of glue where he had pointed and asked him if he could put Santa’s nose on. He complied and then took the foam brush away from me. I guess I was holding it wrong.

I decided to let him do the next round of glue.

DUNK. The entire foam brush was suddenly submerged in the glue. /headsmack

I re-confiscated the brush, wiped off most of the glue and gave it back to him, while simultaneously removing the glue from within his reach. (I learn quick! sorta. okay maybe not… you hush!) I explained to him that Santa needed eyes and a hat and asked him to put some glue on the circle. He did! Very nicely, too! I then handed him a googly eye and he put it on the circle and grabbed the other one and he stuck that one into place as well. (I had to give them a little push to keep Santa from looking like some kind of double-decker cyclops, but it all worked out, and I didn’t get in too much trouble for interfering.)

Alright. More glue!

Create Abilities Art Kit boots | Fairy Busy MommyDIP. Yes, that’s right. Together we carefully dipped the tip of the foam brush into the glue. Time to add the cotton balls! Mr. Expert Santa Assembler now applied, with a little guidance from me, the Born Yesterday Mama, some glue to Santa’s boots, chin and hat and we set to work on the cotton trimmings.

With a cotton ball here, and a cotton ball there, here a ball there a ball, everywhere a cotton ball.. old McSanta…

“Mama! You’re not doing it right!”


I know.

You hush.

Create Abilities Art Kit Finished Project | Fairy Busy Mommy

Merry Christmas, Kids! 

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