She Thinks His Tractor’s Sexy!

Sexy Cowboy | Fairy Busy MommyI met my husband on the day I signed up. His was the first and ONLY “profile” I saw. He was wearing jeans & a cowboy hat and sitting on a mower… (Heck yeah! I think his tractor’s sexy!) and his “About Me” was just dreamy.

We met in person a few days later after he left a voicemail offering to cook me breakfast and promising that he wouldn’t bite. He took me to the Aquarium, then for a spaghetti dinner (not knowing at the time that I was a fish-nut and spaghetti lover…so major brownie points there!) and then out for a drink at Reunion Tower in Dallas… AFTER asking to see my ID because he didn’t believe I was 21… (I was 28…so more brownie points!) After I gracefully walked into a wall he asked permission to kiss me! How cool is that?

I more or less moved in to his place that evening, canceled without a second glance the next day and only went home to go to work and get my stuff. It’s been almost 6 years and he says we’re still on our first date. We haven’t spent a single day or night apart since day one except to go to work.

Best $20 I ever spent! LOL 😉