Meet Cody!

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Meet Cody! | Fairy Busy Mommy

Aside from all the weight gain, sleepless nights, back pain and swelling… my pregnancy was pretty easy… at least compared to the horror stories everyone insisted on telling me the whole time. Why do people DO that? Let’s traumatize the first time pregnant woman with a bunch of stories about how HORRIBLE it is. Gee… thanks!

My “horror” story, if you can even call it that, was the tornado just before Cody was born… and I mean JUST BEFORE, and the complications that arose AFTER his birth. Cody was a big baby, and my doctor decided that it would be best for both me and the baby to induce labor since he was full term before he got any bigger. I would have had no choice but to have a Cesarean. We didn’t want that, so I went into the hospital to get prepared for delivery.

All was going well until out of the blue the nurses came flying into my room, unplugged all the machinery, threw a bunch of stuff in my lap, handed the IV drip thingy to Aaron and dragged me & my bed out of the room, down the hall, and into the emergency room. I thought for sure something was wrong with the baby. The nurses were nervous but finally I got one of them to tell me what the heck was going on… There was a tornado nearby. All the patients had been moved into the hallways (which didn’t dawn on me as we passed them all on the way to the emergency room, and also explained why they yelled at my mom for looking out the window when we were still in my room)… and apparently I was the one in most need of emergency services should the hospital loose power or get hit.

The power DID go out but the generators came on so we had light… after a short time we were told it was safe to return to the delivery room, and the power came back completely not long after that. I was a little nervous… not really afraid of the tornado itself, but more of afraid of giving birth… in a tornado… as if giving birth itself wasn’t scary enough!

A few hours later, the nurses came running back into my room, this time with the doctor and about 20 extra people and a ton of gadgetry. They had hooked up monitors to the top of Cody’s head that measured his heart beat, and it had stopped reading a heart beat. Whether I was ready or not, it was time. There was no time to find out why the heart beat wasn’t reading… they had to MOVE.

I won’t go into details… you all know the drill… pain…pain… more pain… The baby was born and his heart WAS beating.

His FULL HEAD of long dark hair had prevented the monitors from reading his vitals properly… however I had developed a fever during the delivery and so had Cody. I barely got a chance to look at him before they ran out of the room with him to the emergency infant care unit with my husband trailing after them. He wasn’t breathing right.

Eventually my husband came back, and eventually they brought back Cody… he still had some issues breathing, but he wasn’t in immediate danger anymore. I got to visit for a little while with him, but they kept him over night in the special infant unit to monitor him. He ended up with Jaundice, a heart murmur and then an infection that they couldn’t identify. I was released from the hospital within 2 days, but they kept Cody for an extra 2 weeks. It was horrible… I had a baby, but I didn’t have a baby. All I wanted to do was sit in the hospital with him, but I couldn’t. So we drove back and forth multiple times a day to visit with and feed him.

When they finally let us bring him home I was beyond excited. During Cody’s extended stay at the hospital, everyone had fallen in love with him. I had people stopping me in the halls… total strangers… just random visitors at the hospital… “Is that the Cooper Baby?…. he’s so sweet!”…. “he could be the Gerber Baby…” It was quite a parade trying to get out of the hospital to take him home. All the doctors and nurses on the maternity floor had to tell each other that “the Cooper Baby” was leaving and they all had to come and say goodbye. I think it took us an hour to finally escape after he was discharged!

Finally we were home, and we were a REAL family. Mommy, Daddy & a beautiful Baby Boy.

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