When was the last time you were truly surprised?

So the question today is “when was the last time you were truly surprised?” I have to say that it’s been a while (April 16th, 2005),  not much surprises me nowadays, but what REALLY had me going “No way!!” was organized behind my back (or it wouldn’t have been a surprise, eh?) by my sister, Kristy, and my husband (then boyfriend), Aaron, and was unbelievably well executed and completely unexpected.

Aaron, had been telling me for several months about a friend of his that was stationed in Iraq. He didn’t know when he would be coming home again but was looking forward to introducing me to him. I was looking forward to being introduced.

I had been in Texas for 3 years and had been dating Aaron for almost a year. It had been a little while since I had seen my family and my birthday was coming up. I started getting really bummed. I kept calling my parents but they were just “too busy” to talk for more than a minute and my sister wouldn’t answer her phone, and that was just making my homesickness worse .

Finally my birthday came, and Aaron got a phone call. After hanging up he told me that his friend had just flown in from Iraq and needed a ride from the airport. “Well how cool is that?” I thought. I was finally going to meet my boyfriend’s best friend! We drove out to the airport “waiting area” and sat in the car for a little while. Aaron and his friend texted back and forth a few times and then he said it was time to go to the pick up spot so off we went.

As we drove around the windy airport roadways I kept wondering what this friend was going to be like. I was actually getting paranoid.. what if he doesn’t like me? What if he tries to take Aaron away from me? What if I’m not “good enough’ for HIS best friend?

Then I saw “him”. I flew out of the car and ran across the sidewalk shrieking “oh my God!”… it wasn’t Aaron’s friend at all… it was my little sister! She was standing there with her luggage, laughing and filming me with her camera phone as I nearly bowled her over in a tackle hug. “Happy Birthday” she laughed when I was done smothering her.

I talked to my parents a little while later, to tell them that Kristy had arrived safely. My mom said she was sorry for being so short and practically hanging up on me when I had been calling. She felt bad because I was so homesick and they wouldn’t talk to me because they were afraid of ruining the surprise that my sister and boyfriend had whipped up for my birthday.

I have the coolest family.

Oh… and I finally DID get to meet “the best friend” and he’s a great guy 🙂