Are Kids Actually Hamsters In Disguise?

I was sitting here earlier doing some computer work and I look to my right to see Cody UNDER the couch cushion.¬† The cushion is pretty much exactly where it’s supposed to be, only about 8″ higher than normal and it has feet. I lift the corner of the cushion to see what he could possible be up to… and find a huge stash of crackers and their respective crumbs. The two I had just given him about five minutes earlier were sitting unbroken on the top of the pile he was organizing. I lightly scolded the little monster and relocated his new crackers to his bowl and cleaned up the other crumbs. Now I know where the mess I cleaned out of there the other day came from… I thought it was just crumbs that had slipped between the cushions…. but apparently it’s a hidey hole.

A little while ago I sat down in our cushioned rocking chair and discovered a hard lump under my rear end. Removing THAT cushion I found an old sippy cup, thankfully too empty to get anything out of, but unfortunately coated in rotting milk. YUCK!!! Thank goodness for lots of soap and HOT water and nose plugs! Doing a search of the play area I uncovered a couple of those Gerber yogurt drops (that look like hamster treats) stuck in one of his toys and some cheerios in another toy.

After snack time I usually discover some uneaten pieces stuffed down the sides of his diaper, and it always amazes me that 20 minutes¬†AFTER dinner I find him with a mouthful of food that he never swallowed… How deep ARE those cheeks???

It reminds me of when I was a kid and we had hamsters… those cheeks would be puffed out so far with seeds, popcorn or whatever else they could stuff in there… Have you ever watched a hamster empty his cheeks? They stick their whole arm in there and scrape out the contents into their stash. Half the time the hamsters food bowl would be empty and the food would all be hiding in the corner under the bedding.

My sister’s hamster REALLY did eat my math homework….