So how’d I do?

Blog. Let me start by saying up until a couple months ago, I never knew what the hell a blog was. I’d heard the word, but it sounded like about a thousand other computer lingo “buzz” words that come and go. I’ve been hearing the word for several years now, so who am I not to jump on the bandwagon? Actually, not jumping on bandwagons… that’s me summed up. But in this case, I’m really just here to support my wife a little (I’ll jump on that bandwagon any day!) I’m not necessarily a technophobe, I just more or less have no time for computers, other than to check email (occasionally.) Too many better things to do on the homefront. On that note, allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Aaron, husband to the absolutely wonderful miss Deni, and father of the awesomest little boy on the planet, Cody! (that’s a completely unbiased opinion, of course) Despite the fact that I’ve always been a magnet for rough luck, I struck gold with those two! I’m set for life now, bad luck or good. Anything beyond what I’ve got now, is all just gravy.

So my wonderful little bride asked me If I’d like to write a few words about things to whomever the hell cares to listen. What things shall I write about? Let me tell you what I’m passionate about. The obvious answer here is my family. They come first and foremost to me, because without them I am nothing. I am passionate about protecting my family. We try to live as simple a life as possible. I was born and raised in the country and am happy to extend that privilege to my son. That’s right, I said privilege. I know the country life’s not for some, if not most. Some might argue, “there’s wild animals and all kinds of dangers to worry about.” The thing is, that’s pretty much our only “worry,” if you could call it that. All you need is a good 12 gauge or few, and presto! worry solved. Thieves and house robbers and muggers and such don’t much seem to be a problem out here in the middle of nowhere. I’d have to imagine even the dumbest of thieves know not to mess with country folk, anyhow. But if they do, it’s easy enough to take care of the problem…treat ’em just like the coyotes. Then call 911 to do the necessary paperwork. It’s the country way.

At any rate, that sort of thing is only one of many things to consider when it comes to protecting your family. Things I would have never even considered, or for that matter even cared about became such a huge thing to me when I first found out Cody was on his way. One of the most important of which, is considering the multitude of possible ways a child could accidentally self destruct him/herself in your home. Yes, the firearms stay in a safe where they belong. That’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about what lurks under your sink. Or even less obvious, and just as deadly, things in your shower and lots of other places in your home. When I hear a horror story about how someones kid died a slow horrible death because he drank half a bottle of hair conditioner, I think about my son…in that same situation…it’s a parent thing, come to find out, …I shudder…. horrible thoughts…
All you parents out there reading this right now are nodding your head in agreement. If you aren’t, you’re inhuman.

Thanks to Deni, and the wonderful company she’s brought to our table, there’s not a single bottle of anything in our home that would kill Cody if he got into it. Period. (I’m talking everything from degreasing cleaners to vitamins) And no, we don’t lack anything in light of all those missing toxic chemicals we used to use. What’s better, the “chemicals” or household products we replaced them with are not only safe and non-toxic, but much more effective than what you can find anywhere else. Not to mention cheaper in most cases. But enough with the “sales pitch.” I find myself constantly trying to “lead the horse to the water” with this thing, because I care about my friends as well. I suppose it’s because most of you don’t know there’s a better way, and I hate seeing big corporate america killing us all with substandard crap and toxins. Don’t be a naysayer and say “oh everything is bad for you in some way or another.” That’s true, but why not work to improve the things you can? This stuff ain’t bad for you in any way, shape, form or fashion. I feel Deni’s “better way of shopping” has greatly reduced the amount of bad stuff statistics Cody has to face. That = peace of mind for me.

I’d say all in all, my family’s in a pretty safe place.
That makes me happy(ier)
What more could a man ask for? I can’t think of a thing.
I think I’ll wrap this one up. Maybe I’ll come up with some more rambling some other time.
I still don’t really understand the “blog” concept. People perplex me.
I still can’t imagine why anyone (other than my wife. or even her, for that matter) would want to read what I have to say, but here ya go!
So how’d I do on my 1st blog? -Don’t answer that!