What flavor are your pajamas?

Bathtime Baby | Fairy Busy MommySo it’s been a routine of ours, pretty much since Cody was born, that around 7:00 the whole family heads to the bathtub to wash the baby. Yup. It’s a family project. Mommy does the washing and Daddy does the drying. Cody’s job is to play, float, splash, drink the bath water, eat as many bubbles as he can sneak past Mommy, throw all the toys (full of water or not) out of the tub, scream at poor Miss Kitty as she tries to figure out what’s going on in her nap place, and just have a jolly good time.We tried using one of those little baby bath tubs on the sink, but they are the biggest pain in the rump…and the back… not to mention bad for the Coffee Pot… so we decided to take advantage of our Garden Tub instead. A bathing suit for Mommy and a Birthday suit for baby and in the tub we go! After a good body wash and shampoo, Cody gets play time in the water. At first play time involved floating with Mommy’s help and a little bit of trying to figure out what the water sensation on his limbs was. Then it evolved to splashing and kicking while floating with Mommy’s help.

Now, as he’s 9 months old… He is nearly in full control of tub time… aside from the slippy factor. He sits and splashes and keeps his own head out of the water, stands along the tub wall and bangs his toys and matches up cups, and dumps cups and pretty much soaks everything. But I’ll tell you… this kid has NO fear of water. I swear he’s a fish!

After a sufficient amount of water has thoroughly soaked the bath room floor it’s time to dry off and get ready for bed.
Up springs Cody out of the water (with Mommy’s help, of course) into a snuggley warm bath towel provided by Daddy and away to the changing table they go. A quick dry and a quicker diapering , some tickles and giggles and it’s time for the footie pajamas…

This is a precise maneuver. It can only be accomplished by the Master Footie Pajama Installer (aka Daddy) without creating a very angry Cody Monster. First the pajamas must be selected carefully and submitted to Cody for approval. After a brief examination and tasting of the material to check for proper flavor, the footies are approved and installation begins. This requires relocation to somewhere more comfy than the changing table where first the arms, and then the legs are inserted into the approved sleepwear. With only a minor “grumble grumble”, the footies are then zipped or buttoned and Cody is ready for his hair brushing… also best accomplished by Daddy.

By this time, Mommy is dry and dressed and has made a nice warm bedtime bottle to help Cody sleep better through the night and prepares for the Cody hand-off. The bottle is presented and our now sleepy little baby boy takes it happily and starts to drink. Just about the time the bottle is nearly empty Cody has drifted off to sleep and is then placed safe and sound in his crib to dream away the night until morning brings a whole new round of adventures for him to enjoy.

I wonder what flavor our pajama’s will be tomorrow?