The Family Dinner Time… Thing.

It’s 5:00 and dinner’s ready. Time for everyone to gather around the table, sit down and enjoy a nice meal. It’s Family Dinner Time, right? I guess.

I really hate sitting down to dinner at the table. I suppose most of my problem is that while I was growing up “Family Dinner Time” meant getting grilled about school and homework. It was about getting lectured about not making an A+ on that last test. It was having to listen to the adults gripe about what went on at work, or listening to Dad go off about politics. It just WASN’T enjoyable. I DREADED dinner time. I just wanted to eat my food as quickly as possible and get away from the table. I guess it left a bad taste in my mouth because even though I’m grown and have a family of my own that “dinner time dread” is still with me.

I absolutely LOVE my family and I LOVE spending time with them, but why do we have to make an “Event” out of eating dinner?  Can’t we just eat our food and then go enjoy doing something else together that doesn’t involve constantly trying to get a very stubborn little boy to quit playing with his food and actually EAT it? Even if my husband and I wanted to have a nice conversation between mouthfuls of food we’d still be constantly interrupted by having to correct the table manners of the kid. At most “Family Dinner Time” for us is “Table Manners 101”. I feel bad about “dreading” sitting down at the table, because I know my husband enjoys it. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary, but not exactly pleasant experience right now. Maybe when the kiddo gets the hang of behaving better at the table it will be less dreadful for me.

I’m not fond of sitting in restaurants with a group of people either, though. While I do enjoy a good meal out on the town once in a while, I’d like to eat it while it’s hot and honestly… it’s really hard to do that and carry on a decent conversation without being rude and talking with your mouth full. Can’t socialization be done WITHOUT food having to be involved? You can’t just go visit with people… it HAS to be at a picnic or barbecue.  What dish should we bring? Are we so boring that we can’t entertain ourselves without stuffing our faces at the same time? Okay dinner’s over, time for everyone to leave! What? Okay… um… it was nice watching you eat, I guess… see you at the next meal!

Even though my husband is an AMAZING cook, I’m not a foodie… I eat because it’s necessary for my survival and honestly if I could just take a “food pill” or drink a meal replacement all the time and actually get proper nutrition from it I would be more than happy to do it.

Maybe I’m just weird.