My Weight-loss Journey

Update 2014: I am no longer affiliated with Plexus.

Back in June 2013 I decided I was sick of being overweight. According to several “fitness” websites I was considered “obese” for my height. I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror and I didn’t like how I felt. I was tired, I was miserable. Just sitting on the porch outside would have me soaked in sweat. Taking a shower was exhausting. In the winter I would sit on the porch in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops with my wet hair right after a shower just to cool down… from showering. In the summer, I wanted a shower after my shower. Brushing my long hair was exhausting, especially when it was wet. Blow dryer? Hell no! Hot enough as it is thank you! Keeping up with my kid? Forget it. It was pathetic. I had had enough. It was time to embark on a Weight-loss Journey.

I am a picky eater and not much of a foodie so it wasn’t like I was snacking all the time. I did have one Pepsi at lunch every day though so that sure didn’t help. But no, most of my weight came while I was pregnant and I just never lost it. My milk cravings were awful.. I could go through a whole gallon of whole milk in 2 days EASY while I was pregnant. After my son was born I spent a lot of the time sitting while working on my computer (I work online from home so I wasn’t very active). A friend of mine suggested I try Plexus Slim & Accelerator and after rolling my eyes and thinking to myself  “blah blah blah another fad overly hyped miracle product” I decided to buy a 3-day trial pack just to see if I would even like the taste… before I totally blew it off. I am super picky about foods/drinks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to anything even remotely resembling “diet” so I was doubtful. I was so doubtful I dreaded getting my shipment and was fully prepared to just tell my friend I didn’t like it without even trying it.

Well, it arrived and I gathered up my courage, shoved my doubt back in a box, weighed myself, took all my measurements and I did try it. I LOVED it. The Slim tasted great! No artificial flavor and no after taste. It was refreshing and pleasantly sweet (thanks to Stevia and Lo Han fruit extract). It had a nice cherry pomegranate flavor and it was just plain yummy. I was shocked. I had drank the Slim 30 minutes before breakfast and then with my breakfast (which was probably either a bowl of Cheerios, some toast, or eggs.. I don’t remember, but those are the usual suspects) and a cup of 1% milk I took one Accelerator pill. The Accelerator gave me the jitters the first day (it has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee) and made my head feel a little hot. I had a normal lunch with one can of Pepsi and a normal dinner.

The second day I decided to only have one cup of coffee (I usually had 2 in the morning) to reduce the caffeine I would be getting. Took the Slim 30 minutes before breakfast and one Accelerator with breakfast. Still felt a little jittery, but not like the first day. At lunch however, I looked at my can of Pepsi a few times, but just never got around to opening it. Normal dinner.

On the third day I had one cup of coffee, drank the Slim, ate breakfast with an Accelerator. (No more jitters!) At lunch I glanced at my can of Pepsi… it was the same one from the day before. I just didn’t want it. It didn’t even sound good. Pepsi.. mm… no.. bleh… maybe tomorrow.

On the forth day I was out of Slim & Accelerator so I weighed myself and took my measurements. I had lost 2 pounds and a couple of inches all over. WHAT? REALLY? I hadn’t lost an ounce in MONTHS. And I still just didn’t want that Pepsi. I was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I threw my box full of doubt in the trash and signed up to be an Ambassador so I could get the discount on my monthly purchase. I was hooked. I was in. I was doing Plexus and I was GOING to lose this weight once and for all!!!

And I did. From June to today (Dec. 20th) I lost 34 pounds. I never did open that last can of Pepsi. I’m fitting in clothes I haven’t touched in about 5 years. And I feel GOOD! I have energy. I don’t feel like dying after a shower. I get COLD and it feels AWESOME. I even turned in my flip flops for fuzzy socks and boots.

I have a LONG way to go still but I feel so much better about myself physically and emotionally. I don’t hate the girl in the mirror anymore. I just see a “work in progress” and I am thrilled with my progress so far. I feel like a girl instead of a blob and it’s wonderful!

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