My Weight-Loss Journey: Let The Journey Begin Again

Had some people wanting to know why I switched weight-loss companies. Without mentioning ANY names (and I will delete comments that do!)… I switched because what I used to use simply stopped working. The formula was changed and it NO LONGER WORKED FOR ME.

I simply can not promote something that I, PERSONALLY, am NOT having success with regardless of whether or not someone else IS.

If you ask me “How is that working for you?” and I have to say “It’s not working for me at all, but I hear so and so is having good results!” Well… that’s just NOT the product for ME and I WILL NOT try to encourage people to use something based on “he said, she said” experience.

It needs to be MY experience. MY results. MY success. If it doesn’t work for ME… I simply can NOT sell it or encourage others to try it.

If something else works for YOU… THAT’S GREAT! YOU sell it.

Everyone needs to do what works for THEM. We are all DIFFERENT. And no matter WHAT it is… “Your Mileage May Vary.” PERIOD.