So… you think you’re “FAT”?

Dear Size 6 Twigs,
The next time you want to complain to someone about how “FAT” you (delusionally) think you are.. take a look at the person you are talking to BEFORE you go on your “oh I’m so disgusting and fat” rant and think about how your RIDICULOUS whining might make THAT person feel.
I was in a size 24… I am FINALLY down to a size 18 and will be GRATEFUL if I can get back into a 12 before I die… DO NOT go on rants about how “fat” you are TO MEĀ if I can barley see you when you turn sideways. Do I think I’m disgusting and fat? NO!! I DO NOT.
I am a beautiful work in progress and I’m quite all right with that… but your ranting about your barely visible a** being fat sure does slap a bigger gal in the face.

I understand that everyone has issues with their own image but dang.. people seriously need to have a little consideration for the people around them, especially the ones they are directly interacting with. Nobody thinks about anyone but themselves anymore. It’s sad.

Regardless of what you think of yourself, take a moment to think about the feelings of the person you are talking to before you go off on a rant. If you’re a tiny little thing ranting about how disgusting you are to someone who is much larger than you, how do you think you are making them feel?

I mean.. if you think YOU’RE disgusting I must be completely puke-worthy in your eyes. Ouch. You poor thing. How can you possibly stand to be around me without gagging? Warn me before you come over and I’ll make sure to put on my cardboard box so that you don’t have to see my “fat” and spend the day in the bathroom puking, okay? I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable with the presence of my a-lot-more-overweight-than-you-body.

*** PLEASE NOTE*** I am not talking about people with medical conditions…I am well aware that some conditions cause a person to see their own bodies differently than how they see another persons body… I am talking about flat out rude, inconsiderate, vain people who can’t be bothered with anyone but themselves.