My Progress with Company X vs TruVision

Weight-Loss Chart | Fairy Busy Mommy
I was recently asked again why I changed weight-loss companies. I think this screenshot speaks for itself. As you can see the original product worked great… unfortunately they changed the product and all their replacements and substitute products did me no good. After 9 months of trying this & that combination, as they kept suggesting, and gaining back almost everything I lost, I think my decision to switch was justified.
If you know which company I am referring to, that’s great but please keep it to yourself as this post is NOT intended to bash them in any way. Not everyone will have or has had the same results. Everyone’s body requirements are different. What works or didn’t work for me may or may not work for you. Yes, I am losing more slowly on TruVision, but I AM LOSING and I FEEL GREAT and that’s what matters to me.
This is MY journey and though I had to alter my path, I am still traveling and am looking forward to reaching my destination. How you reach YOUR destination is up to you and your body. The path is not always straight, but we have to keep going if we ever want to succeed.