Have you ever lied about your age?

Femailler's Calendar | Fairy Busy MommySo for a Weekly Post Challenge I’m asked if I’ve ever lied about my age and if the person I lied to believed me. And I have to say that I really couldn’t care less about my age, never have, probably never will, and I see no reason to lie about it. I take pride in my honesty. I lied enough about stupid things when I was young and stupid and learned my lessons the hard way. If you lie about your age, what else are you lying about? Lying is bad m’kay?

I have to laugh, though, because for me it’s been the other way around. If I DON’T lie about my age, they don’t believe me. In my 20’s people didn’t think I was even 16. I tried to buy a Marilyn Manson CD at Best Buy once and they gave me a hard time about it. You have to be 18 and apparently my “Over 21” Drivers License looked fake to them. Were I not irritated about not being able to just buy my music and leave I would have taken it as a compliment!

I’ve been told many times by many different people that I’m “too young” to like the Eagles. Too young to like the Eagles?? What?? I was unaware that there was an age restriction! I’ve had people my own age tell me I was too young for this or that all my life and they’re always SHOCKED when they realize I’m the same age as they are. I had a roommate a few years back that was only a few years older than me. During a move, one of the moving guys thought she was my mom… I don’t remember how it came up… just her yelling down the stairs at him “I AM NOT HER MOTHER!!!”. Oops! She didn’t look old enough to me… at all… but apparently I looked that YOUNG to him.

My mother doesn’t look anything close to her age. She was in her 40’s and still getting “proofed” at the grocery store buying beer for the weekend boating parties and one of the cashier’s that consistently asked for her ID was my friend’s mom!

My all time favorite “age issue”, if you will, happened on the day I met my husband. We had just finished an awesome day at the Dallas Aquarium and Spaghetti Warehouse and he mentioned something about how he had planned on taking me to Reunion Tower (it spins!) for a drink but that we wouldn’t be able to get in since I wasn’t old enough. I told him I was 28 and he didn’t believe me until I showed him my ID.

I’m no beauty queen and I really don’t care, but I DO appreciate the ability to look younger than I am. And if I could just drop off another 50 lbs or so I’ll bet I’d look even younger! LOL 😉

I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I don’t suffocate my face with make-up goo. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t waste away in tanning booths. Maybe it’s because I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Or maybe it’s just good genes. Thanks Mom!