Pyro-holy cow dude!

Bonfire | Fairy Busy MommyAfter a few years worth of gathering dead wood out of our 7 acre wooded property, my husband decided to ignite the burn pile in the back field… it’s nice and wet out today… and this pile is HUGE…. so he dumped some fuel on it to get the damp wood to lite more easily, stood back and started throwing matches at it from a distance…. all of the sudden…. BOOM!!!! It lit with the sound of a jet plane breaking the sound barrier directly overhead! (Which I have heard before, btw… thank you rouge Blue Angel …it shook the sharks right out of the fish tank! No kidding!)

The flame itself wasn’t that big, but the noise! Holy cow!!! I was watching from the house and all the windows moved, the fish jumped, the cat fell off her tower and the dog started growling. Our poor chickens, who follow Aaron around like he’s the Pied Piper, all took off clucking at the top of their little chicken lungs into our woods as fast as they could! Aaron jumped backwards a few feet in total surprise! He was expecting the usual WHOOSH… not an explosion!!! It was downright hilarious (after the initial startle factor of course) !!!!

Aaron has lit HUNDREDS of very large bonfires… he is THE KING when it comes to bonfire parties… usually the fire lites with a burst of flame and a WHOOOOOSHHHHH as the flame rises…. this is the first one that ever went BOOM like a stick of dynamite!!!

And of course… just like any guy playing with fire (what IS the fascination??) …. he comes back into the house…. “Did you see that???? That was AWESOME!!! You saw that right? WOW!!! That was AWESOME!!!” And now he’s back outside standing as close as the heat will allow him… I’m sure he’s waiting til he can get close enough to poke it with a stick…

BOYS! Gotta love ’em!