A New Year, A New Blog, A New Me and My One Word

So here we are and it’s 2014. Another New Year. Where do the days go? It seems that they pass by so fast and you look back and haven’t accomplished much. This year is going to be a year of IMPROVEMENT for me, which brings me to my “One Word”. It’s something I discovered through a Facebook friend. (Thank you Patty)

One Word Umbrella Effect | Fairy Busy Mommy


The concept is simple, instead of a list of New Year Resolutions, you focus on ONE WORD and make it your daily goal to do something with that One Word. I have chosen the word “Improvement”. I seek to improve, my Self, my Family and my Business. They’re all intertwined, so in improving any of the three, I will also be improving the other two as well. I seek to become a better Mom to my son, a better Wife to my husband, and a better Mentor to others. Becoming better in each of the areas will improve the overall quality of life for myself, my family and those who have partnered with me in business.

On a side note, I will also be working to improve my blog LOL. I’m sure it looks a little funky right now… wacky sidebars, weird content sections. No posts! I’m in the process of installing a new theme and moving my content to this new blog where I hope to get back into the swing of REAL blogging instead of just sharing giveaways. I want to do something MEANINGFUL here so hopefully in my quest for improvement I will have something worthwhile to share with you all in the process.

What will YOUR “One Word” be?


  1. Patty Muich says:

    Hi Deni!
    I was so surprised to see you over at OneWord365. How cool is that! We share so much and don’t even fight LOL! I look forward to reading your blog this year…. and you are an awesome lady… how in the world can you improve?
    Love, Patty

    • FairyBusyMommy says:

      It’s because of you that I finally figured out what I needed to do with my newbish bloggity self! LOL Thank you Lena! <3

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