Might as well face it you’re addicted to… Facebook.

It would appear that everyone is severely ticked off about the “New Facebook”. Sure we’ve had changes before, but the change that happened yesterday was a pretty big one and the masses are less than thrilled. I’m not too thrilled myself, but I’ll adapt. I use Facebook for business mostly but I do enjoy getting chatty with my friends there and keeping in touch with out-of-state family, too!

But with all the changes we’ve had before I’ve never seen anyone delete their account because of them. Granted I’ve only got about 500 people on my friends list instead of the 1000’s that some people have, but 2 of them deleted yesterday because of this last change and 1 of them said she was going to today after she made sure to get in touch with all her friends, and I haven’t looked this morning to see who else is gone. And guess what?! Facebook is making MORE changes today. Supposedly it will “change the world of social media“.  Uh. okay.


<chanting>Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. Change is good… Right?</chanting>

<!– END CHANT –>

The majority of the changes I can work around, it’s mostly just adapting to a new user interface (BTW, if you create a ‘list’ and name it ‘everyone’ and then add ALL your friends & pages to you it, you can more or less get your old newsfeed back just by clicking on that list), but what really bugs me is that completely obnoxious “live” news ticker on the right hand side. Supposedly it’s just a “to the minute” ticker of everything that’s happening in our friends worlds as it’s happening. But what I find really annoying, and extremely discouraging (aside from the distracting flickering of it’s constant scrolling), is that I am now getting updates from people that ARE NOT on my friends list. Yesterday I got a conversation belonging to a guy who was a friend of my friend. They’re having a party at work on October 28th if you want to go, you can bring your wife, but not the kids. My friend wasn’t even in the conversation, so it wasn’t my friend’s activity. This guy was chatting with some other guy who was not friends with me or my friend. Why are these people on my mini Facebook in Facebook? Whose mini Facebook am I on now? If I’m having a conversation on my sister’s wall, is her boyfriend’s brother’s boss’s uncle getting our conversation in his newsfeed? Seriously… what the…?

And then you have the people that say “If you don’t like it you can leave, it’s free”. And YES, this is 100% true and correct. No one is forcing us to use Facebook, no one is paying us to use Facebook, and we’re all turning into a bunch of stupid, incompetent-in-the-real-world zombies because of it (I’m not kidding! Have you GONE outside lately? I’m actually afraid to anymore. Y’all scare me and I don’t think it’s just something in the water! <That was a joke, {sorta} you laugh now, haha>)

But it’s an ADDICTION! Just like crack! We’re ADDICTED to this stupid website. We HAVE to log in and see what’s going on! We’re freaking nosy! We gotta know! We gotta share! You HAVE to see what I’m doing!! You HAVE to know where I am! You HAVE to know what game I’m playing. Who I’m friends with. What I’m talking about. When you went to the grocery store. Where Darla had lunch. How Joe Smoe does his laundry. Why he dumped Jane! It’s the curse of human nature. We are social creatures. Hell, even me, Miss Rather Read A Book then hang out with anyone… I get sucked in just like everyone else. WE ARE ADDICTED. Admit it. YOU are.

Here’s the deal, as I see it, Facebook. You have MILLIONS of people using something you made and they have put their trust in you and many have come to depend on you. A very large group of these people run their entire business on your platform and you make boatloads of money from all the advertisements you expose all of us to every time we change or refresh a page. You also make money from all the Facebook users using your built in advertising system. You’re exposure is global. Practically every website & blog on the internet has a “Like Us On FaceBook” or “Share This To FaceBook” button on almost every page. Hey! There’s one or two on THIS page! You’ve got it pretty darn good.  Just about everyone in the world KNOWS Facebook.

So why do you keep insisting on fixing things that are not broken and ticking everyone off?  Remember MySpace? I mean… if you’re terrified of Google +… angering your current users is not going to help you there. um.. Duh.