Introducing IceMyst Designs Chainmaille Jewelry!

Caitlin's Shadow | Fairy Busy MommyI originally created “IceMyst Designs” as an eBay store so that I could sell my hand crafted chainmaille jewelry online. I then decided to leave eBay and turn it into it’s own website so that I could showcase whatever I wanted on it and accept orders from anyone. I also have a shop on Etsy, which is like an “eBay” for handmade items and the supplies to make them. I don’t always have items listed on Etsy, but you’ll always find everything directly on the IceMyst Designs website. I have found, however, that most of my sales have been from locals who have physically been able to put their hands on my chains.

You see, chainmaille jewelry is one of those things that most people don’t seem to fully appreciate until they touch it, or see you actually weaving the rings together one by one. Most people that see my jewelry online don’t realize that I’m not just hanging beads on a machine made chain. I’m BUILDING THE CHAIN ITSELF, one ring at a time, and THEN I might attach some beads or charms. Many people think chainmaille is just for armor. And some even think it’s “chain letters” that you forward on and on to different people. But chainmaille (also called chainmail, chain mail, chain maille or even just mail or maille) is so much more than that. You can create jewelry, armor, clothing, purses, sculpture… pretty much anything using the many different chainmaille techniques.

I have been making chainmaille since May of 2005. I got hooked after purchasing a hand flower (aka “slave bracelet”) from one of the vendors at Scarborough Faire in Texas. I had been to many such Faire’s including the Sterling Renaissance Festival in NY so chainmaille wasn’t new to me. I always found myself purchasing something chainmaille every time I went to the Faire, but that last time got me thinking. I had been wanting to make jewelry and was working with hemp but found myself allergic to it! I already knew I wasn’t allergic to metal, and I loved chainmaille… so considering that I was also hooked on everything medieval, it was a perfect fit!

My primary focus right now is jewelry, but I also dabble here and there with other items and have plans to add some clothing to my collection of chainmaille creations.

So there you have it. A very basic ‘what is IceMyst Designs”. I hope you don’t mind my babble and enjoy my work!