The Ice Bucket Challenge – Don’t Be So Cold.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to create awareness for ALS by now. If you haven’t, Google it. There’s a ton of videos. For the most part I think it’s wonderful and I give wholehearted Kudos to all the participants! However, I’ve seen some pretty rude comments from people here and there and I just felt like addressing that, even though I know the people that have made those comments will probably never read this.

I’ve seen people calling other people “cheap”, “selfish”, or “heartless” because they chose to decline the challenge and not donate to the cause. They say things like “if you weren’t wasting all your money on Starbucks…” or “guess that cable TV is more important than someone’s life…” and it makes me angry.  Who are you to presume you know someone’s budget?

Before you attack someone because they “don’t have the money” make sure you know WHY or keep your mouth shut. Are you paying their bills? Probably not.

Perhaps they’ve already donated their extra funds to another cause. Perhaps they’re paying a medical bill for treatment for their 4 year old who has cancer. Perhaps they’re trying to get the car fixed so that they can get to work before they lose their job and end up on the street with their 6 kids. Perhaps their house just burned down and they have NOTHING LEFT. There are ANY NUMBER OF REASONS why some people choose not to donate to a cause. Unless you’re in their shoes, don’t spend their money for them.

I’d imagine that 99% of people WANT TO HELP, but not all of them CAN. I, personally, know right now there are hundreds of causes I WANT to donate to, but I have to pick and chose and can’t just throw money at everything that comes my way. It breaks my heart knowing that there are people all over the world suffering with one thing or another right now, and if I think about it too long I’ll end up in tears, but I can’t, nor can YOU, help them all.  It’s just NOT possible. It doesn’t make me, you or anyone else “cheap”, “selfish” or “heartless”.. it makes us human, doing the best we can to get through the day with the resources we have. Sometimes we have the ability to chip in when we’re needed, sometimes we need a little help ourselves.  It’s not for you to judge.