Meet The Pets – The Cats: The Indoor Crew

The Cats

Our Feline Family currently consists of 16.5 cats. 8 of them are indoor cats, 8 of the are outdoor cats. The cat that makes up the .5 exists somewhere in between the indoor and outdoor side of things and you’ll see why at the end of this post. I live out in the country so there’s no highway or anti-cat neighbors to worry about. We have nearly 7 partially wooded acres with a pond that is protected from predators by two very large dogs who I will introduce in their own post. I will start introductions with the indoor kitties, since *most* of them were here first.

The Indoor Crew

  • Missy –  A “Craigslist Rescue Kitty”, Missy (aka Miss Kitty) has been with us since 2005. She was “adopted” from a couple who shouldn’t have had her in the first place. She was still itty bitty and hadn’t been with them long but the boyfriend was a allergic and the girlfriend thought it would be okay to keep her locked in the laundry room to solve that problem. Well it wasn’t okay and now she’s my baby. She is now the “Senior Kitty” in our household of many, many kitties. What Missy says, goes.
    Meet The Pets - Missy | Fairy Busy Mommy
  • Xerox – Another “Craigslist Rescue Kitty”, Xerox (aka Zee or Mr. Zee) joined the family in 2011. He was also itty bitty when we got him. He was living in a house with a woman and her disabled son and a TON of stray cats that kept having kittens. The house was one of those houses that knocked you over with the smell of urine the moment you opened the door. As much as I love cats, I couldn’t wait to get my kitty and get out of there! I only regret not being able to take more of them at the time.
    Xerox got his name for two reasons that went well together. He’s black & white and he’s a nearly identical copy of a black & white cat that I had before, named Chance. He’s a like a “Xerox” copy… get it? (No? Look it up! lol)Meet The Pets - Xerox | Fairy Busy Mommy
  • Pixie & The Triplets:
    Pixie – Also known as Ms. Pix, Pixie was a total surprise addition to our kitty family in 2012. My husband came home from work one day with his hands behind his back. The next thing I knew I was snuggling a cute little pitch black kitten! Apparently, one of the guys he worked with had found her and no one claimed her so he brought her in to my husband because he knew we had a cat-friendly place out in the country and that I would love her. He was right.
    Meet The Pets - Pixie | Fairy Busy Mommy
    The Triplets – Mystic, Salem & Onyx are our newest editions. Born on August 6th, 2014 these 3 kittens belong to Pixie and a stray that adopted us that my son named Snickerdoodle. Meet The Pets - Mystic | Fairy Busy MommyDespite their father being a brown/grey/white striped tabby cat, they are all pitch black like their Mama and the only way I can tell them apart right now is by looking at their bellies. One is a girl, the other two are boys. Luckily the boys have little white spots on their bellies that are SLIGHTLY different. Meet The Pets - Salem | Fairy Busy MommyI make a point of getting all my cats fixed but unfortunately we were a little late getting Pixie taken care of and she decided to let herself out. My guess is that she knew that Snickerdoodle had shown up and wanted to start a little family. After being gone for over 2 months (which broke my heart!!) she showed back up (thank goodness!!) about a month before she was ready to give birth. I brought her back in and she had her kittens safely in my office away from the rest of the household cats.
    Meet The Pets - Onyx | Fairy Busy Mommy
  • The Twins – Merlin & Tinker came from our local animal shelter. I found them earlier this spring (2014). The goal was to adopt one kitten from a group of kittens, but when we got there and saw that all that was left were these twin boys we absolutely could not leave one behind so we got them both. They are inseparable and unbelievably cuddly. They are more like lapdogs than cats. They fell into place almost immediately upon arrival. They just want to be held and loved on constantly. They’re actually quite a nuisance when you’re trying to get something done. It’s hard to do dishes or just about anything else while holding needy kitties. LOLMeet The Pets - Merlin & Tinker | Fairy Busy Mommy
  • Phantom Kitty – It would be wrong of me to introduce all the cats that live here without mentioning Phantom Kitty… our “.5 th cat”. As the name implies, Phantom Kitty is… well… a phantom or ghost cat. He’s here, but he’s not. Yeah, I know, you think I’m nuts. I can live with that, though… after all, I already live with a Phantom Kitty and 16 “in the flesh” ones!! 😉
    Phantom Kitty introduced himself when we first moved into this house. At the time we were renting it. The lease on our old house wasn’t up for another 3 months when we found this place so we spent the time slowly moving everything in and fixing up some things in the process. During this time we had 2 cats but we had not moved them to the new house as we were still living in the old one. We found that several times while working in the new house that we would feel a cat brush against our legs or hear purring or meowing and reach down to pet the cat as it rubbed against us forgetting that OUR cats were still at the other house and that there was no cat there to pet. Occasionally, items would be knocked off shelves as if a mischievous cat was batting them around when no (visible) cats were here. Both my husband and I have had several “encounters” (together and separately) with Phantom Kitty and we have since accepted the invisible fuzzbutt as part of our family.

Stick around! I’ll introduce the rest of the crew shortly!