I’ve Got a Pile of Kittens!

Pile of Kittens | Fairy Busy Mommy

Yesterday I was given something I have always wanted but never thought I would ever have… a pile of brand new kittens!

My kitty, Pixie, a rescue, let herself out of the house earlier this year (right before we were going to get her spayed, of course) and disappeared for several months. She recently turned back up, pregnant. I got her to come back in the house a couple of weeks ago and (due to the presence of our other indoor cats (all fixed, btw!!) and a 5 year old human boy child) I confined her to my office so she could have a restful (and stress free) pregnancy.

Pregnant Pixie | Fairy Busy Mommy

I set up a nice box with comfy towels under my desk so she would have a cozy, out of the way place to relax while she waited for her kittens to arrive, but she was much more comfortable in the (unplugged) electric skillet that I use for warming wax on top of my desk.

Pixie Skillet | Fairy Busy Mommy

I moved  my stuff out of her way and relocated her food and water up to the top of the desk so that she didn’t have to go to far if she didn’t want to. I also pushed my chair out a bit so that she could use it as a half way point instead of jumping with that big ole belly all the way from desk to floor which she seemed to appreciate. I tried to replace the skillet with another box of blankets, but she hunted down the skillet so I put it back on top of the desk. Hey, I did the pregnant thing myself… ya gotta sit where ya gotta sit and if an electric skillet is your choice of comfy chairs, well then so be it! (Never argue with the pregnant chick… er.. kitty!)

Luckily for the kittens, and my skillet, when the time came Pixie relocated to the comfy box I had set up under my desk and they’re all snuggling quite nice and purrily down there.

Pixie & The Kittens | Fairy Busy Mommy

We now have 2 little boys and a little girl that I need to think of names for. They are NOT going up for adoption, they are my (well Pixie’s) babies and they’re staying with us! At the moment I can only identify one of them, the girl, because they’re all pitch black like their mama. When they’re full grown it should be interesting around here. In addition to Pixie and her kittens we also have 2 identical twin males, Merlin & Tinker, that are around 6 months old and also pitch black. It’s a good thing we’re not the superstitious types because around here… a black cat is always crossing your path!

By the way.. for those of you wondering who the father is… that would most likely be Snickerdoodle. He’s a stray that just showed up out here earlier this year. He’s super sweet but I think someone dumped him. We live in the middle of NOWHERE. Apparently, we need to catch him and get him fixed, too. /sigh
Snickerdoodle | Fairy Busy Mommy

For anyone interested, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect funds to help get all the kittens, Pixie & Snickerdoodle fixed and vaccinated. Like I said above, we intend to keep all the kittens (and the adults!!). As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, someday, I wish to open a rescue for cats so there’s no way I’m dumping these precious babies off at a shelter or with some stranger!

If you prefer to get a little something in return for helping out, please consider purchasing a Purrs ‘n’ Paws candle (affiliate link) from SoyL Scents and/or switching your own pet to a premium quality pet food (affiliate link) from Life’s Abundance. All profits will go to the kitties!

Thank You and Much Love ‘n’ Purrs from all the kitties & me!