Cat Bowling. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s furry!

Cat Bowling. Yep. My cats have invented a new game.
Xerox Setting The Pins | Fairy Busy Mommy

I live out in the country and our tap water is blech for drinking. We have a water cooler that has a hot & cold spout so we just buy jugs of water to fill it with. It’s perfect for making hot or iced sweet tea in a flash! My husband sometimes saves the empty gallon jugs for use out in the garden, or other yard projects, so during the week I collect the jugs in a corner of the kitchen. If he doesn’t need the jugs, my son and I have a jug crushing party at the end of the week. In the meantime, the cats have found a new use for them. Cat Bowling.

I don’t know if it was discovered by accident or if they had it all planned out but it turns out that empty gallon jugs make perfect bowling pins. The ball… well… who needs a ball when you have a self-propelled cat or two ready to play?

I was sitting in the living room quietly sipping on my coffee and rolling my eyes at the latest Facebook drama when the sound of galloping kitty paws came pounding down the hallway. Through the living room the little paws thumped, around the bar and into the kitchen. POW!!! CRASH!! Empty water jugs exploded all over the kitchen and the sound of galloping kitty paws continued out of the kitchen into the next room and fell silent. I got up to see what was going on and nearly got run over by a second set of galloping kitty paws as Xerox thundered past me, skidded around the corner and slid into the remaining organized jugs.

At that point Pixie, the first four-footed furry player, emerged from her place on the sidelines and she and Xerox discussed the play.Pixie & Xerox Discussing The Game | Fairy Busy Mommy
I am unsure as to how scoring works. It seems that the first move is similar to ‘breaking’ in a game of pool. The first player gets to scatter the original set of jugs. The second may have to see how many they can knock over in the next pass? I’m not sure. I guess they have it all worked out though so I’ll just leave them to it and keep my toes tucked nicely out of the way of galloping kitty paws.

Xerox & Pixie Tallying Their Scores | Fairy Busy Mommy


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