Codyisms: I think the wall hurt my head.

Me (what the hell was that?): Cody?
Kid, from bedroom: Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!
Me, running down hall: What happened?
Kid: WAaaaaaaaaahhh!
Me, opening door: Cody? What happened?
Kid, muffled from bed, under teddy bear: I don’t want to talk to you… *sniff*
Me, seeing he’s fine: Okay, bye then.
Kid: No!!!
Me: Okay, so what happened?
Kid: I think I just got hurt somewhere.
Me: You think you got hurt?
Kid: Yeah, I think something hurt me.
Me, noticing mattress is off-kilter: Were you jumping on the bed?
Kid: NO!!
Me: Okay, so how did you get hurt?
Kid: Well… I think I just charged the wall.
Me: You charged the wall?
Kid: Yeah, this one… I think I charged the wall. With my head.
Me: Brilliant. How’d that work out for you?
Kid: I think the wall hurt my head. Can I go look in the mirror?
Me: Have at it buddy… Don’t charge it though.