Codyisms: The Fishy Drinker

You know you need to get out more when…
Kid: UGH!!! MAMA!!! This stupid fishy drinker just won’t WORK RIGHT!
Me: um… what fishy drinker?
Kid: THIS ONE!!! *slams contraption made of random toys down on the table*
Me: Okay, well first of all you need to CALM DOWN. You’re 5. There’s no reason to be that stressed out.
Me: *interrupting* Okay STOP! What is the fishy drinker?
Me: *interrupting* CALMLY
Kid: *rolls eyes* Mama. It’s for my stupid clown fish to drink his juice.
Me: Clown fish don’t drink juice. They drink water from their fish tank so you don’t need a fishy drinker.
Kid: My clown fish doesn’t like the water from his fish tank. He wants juice.
Me: You’re going to make him sick giving him juice. He needs to drink water.
Kid: NO. THIS clown fish likes JUICE and needs his fishy drinker!
Me: I’m tellin ya… you’re gonna make him sick…. *omg.. I’m arguing with a 5 year old about giving invisible juice to a stuffed fish…* OKay… well fine, why don’t you make a different fishy drinker then? This one is broken. *Walks away with “broken” fishy drinker*

Note: Codyisms are just short little “stories” about some of the cute, funny or even annoying things my little guy does from day to day. I originally just posted these as my facebook status but my friends kept telling me I needed to blog about it so here we are! Have a giggle! 

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