Cats vs Electric Razor

ROFL! I just love cats! hahahahah! Several years ago I had a few laser hair removal treatments so I rarely have to shave my legs. (Ohhhh look out boys! She’s talkin’ oogie!)
Recently, I decided to make life even easier and got an electric razor for those occasions when I DO need to shave because my shower is… well.. about the size of a laundry basket and I’m not double jointed nor nearly as flexible as I once was and quite sick of bashing my head into the wall while trying to reach my ankles without falling out the shower door… Yeah.. NOT a pretty picture here folks.. :-p
Anyways… I’m sitting on the floor and decide to go ahead and shave. I turn the razor on and immediately became the subject of intrigue for the nearby felines. Several go into stalking mode, and others back away slowly.. not quite sure if they’re going to live or die.
Onyx, or perhaps Salem.. (silly identical black cats!), decides that my sock must be the source of the buzzing sound and beginnings stalking my foot. After a couple of cautious but deliberate “paw whaps” he redirects his focus to the object in my hand and, after sniffing it a few times and giving a final “paw whap” to my foot and chomp to my toe for good measure, flees the scene. Tinker, a little more savvy, realizes the noise is coming from the razor and starts whapping it frantically as if he’s trying to save me from the evil buzzing bladed beastie.
Eventually, I finish shaving both legs (giggling at the continued paw whaps) and turn the razor off. I set it down on the floor for inspection and Tinker gives it a few more good whaps and a sniff, examines my leg carefully… giving it a couple sniffs and a couple whaps, too… then goes back about his kitty business as if nothing had ever happened.
Ah, if only shaving were that amusing every time!

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